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Fab Glass and Mirror Experiences 50% Increase in Sales Growth during Pandemic

American Homeowners Have Taken Advantage of Staying at Home by Revisiting the Décor of their Homes with Fab Glass & Mirror

Columbus, OH, USA – September 15, 2020: Fab Glass and Mirror has proudly announced that it has witnessed a historic 50% increase in its sales growth during the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19. The Ohio based company has established itself as America’s leading manufacturer of glass and mirror products, and it has pioneered online shopping for glass and mirrors used in home construction and renovation. This 50% increase was observed when the company’s recent sales were compared to the sales of the same period from last year. 

“As families are forced to stay at home due to COVID-19 concerns, the people were more focused to décor their homes.” Said the spokesperson of Fab Glass and Mirror, while talking about the reasons for this significant increase in the company’s sales. “They could only order online for the furniture and other domestic goods, and they took advantage of our online store offering all kinds of glass and mirror products.” he added. According to the spokesperson, people had more time to stay at home, and most of them had also worked from home which made them deck up and refurbish their living spaces like never before. All comfortable and functional. 

Sensing the situation of the pandemic, Fab Glass and Mirror planned its employee presence, warehouses, and online shipping system accordingly. Moreover, the company also launched products such as Plexiglas and Glass Sneeze Guard, which were most in demand according to the situation. The company also introduced new policies that allowed its employees work with flexibility, and it also hired new staff to deal with the increasing workload. Moreover, Fab Glass also provided all the necessary precautionary equipment to ensure the safety of its workers.

“During the pandemic, we are making sure that we provide smooth order delivery, while also taking caution and preventive measures for our valued staff.” Said Fab Glass spokesperson, while talking about the order delivery. In addition to home use, the company also provide products office use. By taking precautionary measures, offering affordable prices, and an efficient online ordering system with free nationwide shipping across the United States, Fab Glass and Mirror has received a phenomenal response across the nation during these dark days of the pandemic. 

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