Feather banners are known for their unique design. They are ideal for advertising your brand and conveying your business’s message. They are typically comprised of a strip of fabric printed on both sides for more visibility or just on a single side for cost-effectiveness. This fabric strip would be slipping over a robust flagpole mounted to a robust base. Both the bottom and the top of the flag seem to be curved thus, end up creating an appealing and eye-catching feather shape to grab audience attention.

For businesses, it is a good idea to provide fabulous services and products; however, customers must be told and made aware of those services. That is precisely the reason marketing stratagems and plans are vital to overall business success

Different Types of Feather Banners

Feather banners or bow flags come in a broad spectrum of sizes and colors. Their unconventional and whimsical shapes are known to boost their appeal.

A Classic feather flag: A classic feather flag boasts a straight body with a curved top and bottom. These advertising flags are not used to tapering dramatically. They are best for providing adequate space to demonstrate your message and logo too.

A Teardrop feather flag: It is in the shape of an upside-down or inverted teardrop. It looks nicely rounded and plump. This shape allows for much greater stability. A teardrop flag does not flutter so much like the classic feather flag.

A Straight & edge feather flag: A straight feather flag boasts of a typical feather-shaped top with a rectangular bottom. An edge feather flag is just a rectangle. These flag types provide adequate surface area for displaying your brand log and unique message or contact information. They will be fluttering slightly more as compared to classic feather banners.

Different Base Style Choices

Depending on your use case, you can pick one of the following base styles for your feather flags:

  1. Ground stake: Flagpoles with stakes that can be pushed into the ground are pretty popular and time-tested. There is nothing complex about them, and they are ideal for outdoor displays where soft earth is available for you to set up your flags.
  2. Augur stake: These are even more secure than ground stakes since they are screwed into the ground rather than being slid or shoved in. This mechanism is a little more sophisticated and ensures your flag stays upright and in position throughout.
  3. drive-over base: One of the more eco-friendly options, the drive-over base does not cause any harm or damage to the soil where it is planted. Instead, it is a long, flat base that is kept upright by a large weight, usually a parked car. Once the flag is placed, all you need to do is park your vehicle on the base to keep it in position. It makes immense sense for events since you will be spending the duration of the event at the venue itself, so your car will remain parked anyway.
  4. Stackable bases: Another extremely convenient modality for setting up your feathered flags is the stackable base system. You can purchase multiple flat bases that can then stack on top of each other. It makes tremendous sense if you are setting up in multiple venues since you may have to alter the height of your display to boost discoverability and visibility.These bases are very sturdy and made of durable plastic. These could be filled with water, sand, or other packing material for extra stability.


Feather flags are truly versatile. You can use them for restaurants, boutiques, car dealerships, apartment complexes, and a host of other businesses for welcoming customers and displaying unique services, promotions, and sales. You can use these attractive bow flags for promoting events like reunions, concerts, trade shows, and graduation ceremonies.