As an actor, there are several different criteria that you have to meet for the public and the casting directors to see your work and to take you seriously. Having a good looking profile is not enough. You need to be skilled, and you need to project the intensity of the characters you play very well onto the stage or the platform. There are several different resume writing helpful site that you need in your resume to make a good impression on the casting directors. Having just qualifications and experience is not enough. 

Having a set of skills is always beneficial to include in your resume as an actor. Being an actor, you must have a specific set of skills and build on those skills when working with a range of characters and roles. Here are some of the skills that you can mention in your resume to stand out amongst the rest of the people. 


Perhaps one of the essential skills to have as an actor in your resume is to know how to do different accents. Therefore, it is essential to list accents as a skill if you are good at it. Becoming proficient in various accents has multiple benefits; learning how to do different accents makes your job prospects broader and more open. This means that you can deliver characters coming from different regions and portray them in their true spirit.

This helps the casting director see you as an established professional. Knowing different accents becomes essential because nowadays, several people pay attention to the minor parts of the movie or the drama. You must include accents as your skill if you’re good at them since several foreign characters are written nowadays in mainstream media. 


As an actor, though it may not be entirely about looks and health, it cannot be denied that those are two essential parts of an actor’s life. As an actor, you need to be fit. This is important since you need to convey and carry the different roles assigned to you. Therefore, you must include your fitness levels in your resume. This helps the casting directors better understand if you can carry out a specific action role or not. 

Including fitness becomes very important since it helps you majorly in the various roles offered. You open several different types of job prospects if you happen to be relatively fit. This is because being fit requires a lot of intense training and casting directors to feel more comfortable offering specific physically challenging roles to actors at a higher fitness level. 


Knowing and speaking different languages are essential skills to include in your resume as an actor. Today, the acting industry is global. Several different roles may have the actors in different locations where actors are required to speak a particular foreign language. Therefore, knowing how to speak different languages helps save the crew time and the training expense they may have to encounter. 

This will help make you an immediate favourite choice. Knowing many languages also opens your prospects to work in different regions and parts of the world as an actor. You will have several different industries and roles that you can efficiently deliver once you speak different languages. Hence it is a skill that should be included on your resume.

Combat and gun handling 

There is a massive demand for action in the acting industry today. This is because the action gets the audience hooked. Even the movies which are not in the action genre nowadays tend to have some action sequences ingrained in them. This is essential for keeping the audience interested and switching up the movie’s pace or the drama. This is where combat and gun handling become essential skills. 

As an actor, if you have skills in combat and gun handling, they should be included in your resume. There is a high demand for actors who can carry out a hand to hand combat and deal with guns. Having this skill mentioned in your resume is sure to get you several different acting jobs. 


These are the essential skills for resume writing that you must mention in your resume if you wish to increase your job prospects and if you want to ensure that the casting director seriously considers you for a particular role. These are essential skills to have as an actor, and having these skills is for sure to open up endless job opportunities for you. So be sure to include these in your resume since it will open up several different job prospects and offers for you.