Based on the findings of Statistica, the number of global users on social networking channels is expected to reach a significant 3.02 billion people a month by the year 2021. It signifies one-third of the entire population and therefore, social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others play a significant role to grow your small business or startup. Eric Dalius thinks that if your brand does not have a strong social media presence in 2021 and beyond, existing and potential customers will move to your closest competitors. 

When you do not have a strong audience base, it is a troublesome situation for entrepreneurs, especially in 2021, when the competition is so stiff and global. The problem is not whether you are leveraging social media or not, but how you are using these platforms to benefit your business and ensure sales. 

Today, you have Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs, and YouTube as choices to promote your products or services. Things become difficult when there are too many choices. Fret not. Here are some smart ways you can grow your brand using social media:

Use loads of video content on social media for engagement

These days, when you open your Facebook or Instagram page, you will find tons of video content in your feed instead of still images and text. To be candid, algorithms keep changing and the current trend is video content compared to other formats. It is as simple as that. When you have a business to manage and expand, you need to share more videos on social media sites. Based on the findings of Vidyard data, a huge 86 percent of companies now use video on their business websites and another 77 percent make the best use of video on social sites. 

Keep things simple on social media. All you need to do is share authentic, mesmerizing, and fun-filled content on social sites or share such content through vlogging or video blogging. You can make more money vlogging with your smartphone than you can make with high-end equipment. 

There are tons of ways to use videos, keep your targeted audience engaged, and grow your business. For instance, if you have a bakery business, you can use Instagram Stories to share some behind-the-scenes shots of how you make a chocolate cake. Show your audience the fun of baking cakes with real ingredients and share a short video of the same. The moral of the story is that not using video content on social media would affect user engagement on social media channels. 

Make the most of social sites to drive traffic to your website

Social media plays a pivotal role in driving quality traffic to your online store. The biggest e-commerce brands manage to generate traffic of, more than 300 of their e-commerce websites. The success is accomplished by funneling your brands’ social networking followers to the brands’ online stores using Facebook paid marketing. 

Eric J Dalius recommends that you can grow your e-commerce brand by leveraging targeting Facebook ads to generate quality traffic to your online store. When you know that Facebook has more than 1.4 billion active users, you need not worry about whether people are scrolling the content or not. It does not mean that customers will find your social media page and convert to loyal customers. This is where social media marketing comes into play. You need to promote your products or services in a way that persuades them to buy. You need a social media manager who can present your brand and products in front of your audience in the best light. 

Narrate your brand story through social media to make your mark

We all love to listen to or see a good story. The experts in the industry opine that marketers use brand storytelling on social sites to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Always remember that customers make decisions depending on human emotions and justify the same with their logical reasoning. 

You need to ensure that your business stands the test of challenge and time. For this, you need to tell your brand’s story through all the social platforms to stand out from others, especially when it comes to your competitors. No matter how social media evolves with time, people will stick to the same, basic aspects, which implies customers will like to hear stories that they can associate with, and brands people can relate to deeply. 

Today, telling your brand’s story is the most essential way to distinguish your products from your competitors, reach out to your audience, and increase brand awareness and loyalty, and sell your products or services. 

Provide more value to your customers before asking for something 

It is essential to bear in mind that consumers detest being sold to, instead they love to purchase. It means your business needs to provide free value to your customers before you ask something in return from them. First, you need to show how your brand and products will make your customers’ lives better or solve their problems before you ask them to buy your products or use your services. You can offer valuable content free to your potential customers through social media platforms to build trust and pique their interest to purchase from your brand. 

Today, the idea of providing value has become more difficult because buyers are inundated with too many ads as well as social media content. Therefore, if you would to build real engagement with your brand followers through social platforms, who loves your brand and like purchasing from you, delight them with content that makes their lives easier, solving their daily problems. You need to show that your brand cares for them before asking them to click the buy button. This way, you can build a strong base of loyal followers on social media who would become your repeat customers. In this age of stiff competition, it is more important to retain customers for a steady business relationship. 


Understand your brand’s challenges and figure out how you can make amends. The key to the success of social media marketing and sales is your enthusiasm to test or experiment until you discover what strategies work best for your business.