Employees, customers, and suppliers play a broad role in determining the growth of a small business. Many a time, amateur entrepreneurs ignore the most fundamental strategies and run behind high-end campaigns. Below is a list of options that you can use to attract growth to your business.

Word of Mouth Advertising

Encouraging word of mouth advertising is a potential strategy to expand your business. You can ask for help from your customers to provide reviews on their social media handles. Customers often are more than ready to help small businesses offering unique products flourish. Make sure your company is customer-oriented. Loyal customers will positively spread the right word, sometimes even without getting something in return.

In addition to that, you can also offer reward referrals to your customers. Send them further offers in the purchase confirmation emails stating discounts and rewards. You can choose to give a monetary or an intangible reward to the customer. Getting creative and testing a few referral generation methods is the key to expand your client base.

Eric Dalius Pushes to Incorporate the Green Strategy

Incorporating the green strategy into your business has more benefits than fulfilling your part for environmental protection. Customers and consumers support companies that help save up the environment and do their part towards the cause. Such a strategy can also interchange as an energy-saving strategy as you might rely less on environment harming activities. You can take up ideas from your staff and decide to carry out campaigns and seminars to create more awareness. In return, you will also spread awareness of your brand. However, make sure to use this strategy with the right purpose and not only for its sake.

Do It Yourself

The best thing about doing it yourself is that you get to learn a new skill or sharpen your existing ones. If there are small activities you can do, why spend a ton on hiring another person. However, make sure you plan out properly to have time on your watch for all the activities.

Advertise Jobs on Social Media and Locally

The enormous wave of recruitment companies and online job boards charge a fortune to post advertisements. Paying high fees and subscription fees for attracting employees is similar to exploitation. Do not feed into this system of exploitation and use social media handles to promote job adverts. You can also use local advertisers who have an edge in the local job center or employment offices. Create a job board on your website, post the jobs there, and post that link in your social media posts.

Moderating Social Media Use

If your business uses a lot of social media to attract customers and promote websites and brands, you should carefully deduce a plan to moderate the use of such platforms. If the employees need to use social media handles, plan it properly, giving them a specific period. Also, take a weekly update on the metrics and figures and analyze the changes. Also, train your employees to use the algorithm effectively so that they do maximum work in minimum time. Eric Dalius rightly states that social media can act as a time vampire for your employees. Even if they may try to justify the time they spend with the value they create, you need to scrutinize and look into the matter carefully.

Negotiating with Merchants

Having a negotiating edge is vital for an entrepreneur. It does not need high technical expertise, but you need to know how to put forward a deal. An excellent chance competitive industries offer is that business owners can use the suppliers against each other. For instance, if you receive a quote from one merchant or supplier, you can take the previous quote to a new company and ask if they can provide such an offer. Such a step will form a chain, and eventually, you will receive a great deal of purchase. Negotiation strategy gives the entrepreneur more bargaining power if there are more suppliers in the market. On the other hand, the suppliers want you as their customer, as they focus on repeat business. One can use this chance to get hold of a great deal.

Moreover, if you already have a deal with a particular supplier, try renegotiating. There are fluctuations in currency rates and competitor prices; therefore, it causes no harm to keep such factors in front of your dealer and negotiate the price. In d end, just because you have a deal with your supplier, it does not have to remain the same way.


Are you worried about spending extra money on the development of a specific product? Why don’t you outsource it? Several companies manufacture products for other companies with their core expertise and machinery. If you think you cannot afford to get a piece of equipment right away, maybe you can outsource for some time till you save up a fixed amount for purchasing the machinery.

A few skilled jobs, such as graphic designing, programming, and video creation, are time-intensive tasks. Other tasks also include technical support, customer support, and customer correspondence. You can outsource such tasks and save money instead of setting up a new department or a new office.

Switch to Cost-Effective Replacements

Wherever possible, you can switch to cost-effective replacements. For instance, if you are using paper for storage, try changing to online and cloud to store documents. This will save space and increase the accessibility of the documents over the entire business.

Opt for Early Payment Discounts

Several companies offer early-payment discounts. You have to pay the sum at the start of the year in bulk. Paying in installments will result in more money considering the interest rates. Therefore, try seeking such firms which offer this deal.

Small business owners can specifically utilize the above strategies to propel their share in the market while simultaneously saving up money. Such techniques help lower the unnecessary expenses, which add up to a high cost in the future.