Are you looking for maximum clicks, maximum engagement, and maximum sales? If yes, this is the first app that can do all these inside your email. Email Videos Pro is an app that can level up your income. Now, find out more!

What is an Email Videos Pro

Email Videos Pro is the first-ever video email software in JVZOO that allows users to add a full video to their email. Yes, it means video and not a GIF. Having this advanced tech allows for the maximum level of engagement, traffic, clicks, and sales. This email videos pro is the number one app created in today’s generation to provide a maximum level of clicks, engagements, and sales.

Knowing that emails can play video is very interesting and an attention grabber. This application is perfect for making your content engaging for the target market. Indeed, they are quick to make a purchase decision. So, if you’re promoting your business, Email Videos Pro is a big help for a high investment return.

What are the Features of Email Videos Pro

Email Videos Pro can take your online business to a new level. Marketing products would become a lot easier, and getting the target market would become a success. Here are the features that this application can give you:

  • Triple the click rate in just a second
  • Get the maximum level of engagement from the emails
  • Play any videos inside the email
  • Get more click
  • Get more traffic to your store
  • It’s very effortless to use
  • The video is live in just a second

Who is behind the Email Videos Pro

This amazing app is created by Mario Brown, and this app is known to be launched on Feb 01, 2021, Easter Standard time, with a front-end price of $47. Since many people are excited about the upcoming launch, anyone interested can promote this product and get a 50% commission for every successful purchase. It’s gonna be pouring with a commission.

There are also contest with more than $10 000 in prizes from JVZoo to be given away. There is a massive reward of $5000 for the opening contest. For the first prize, $2500; the second prize is $1500; and the third prize is $1000. Plus, there’s a closing a surprise contest for $5000.

Who Can Use the Email Videos Pro

The email videos pro is an ideal application for different types of people. So, if you’re any of the following, the more reasons you have to take advantage of this application.

  • Agencies
  • Video marketers
  • E-commerce
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Coaches and consultants
  • Freelancers
  • Bloggers
  • Local marketers

Why Get Email Videos Pro

One of the things that Email Videos Pro boast is that it works with all of the most common autoresponders. For example, are the following:

  • Mailchimp
  • iContact
  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact
  • Mailvio
  • Infusion soft
  • Sendlane
  • Sendiio
  • Active Campaign

Status of Email Videos Pro

Everything is now in place for a great launch of the app. It’s being prepared as a unique and the best software solution to maximize profits. It’s known for aggressive retargeting, incredible congruent, and a deep funnel. There’s a pre-launch webinar, so making use of this app will become easy as a bee. There is a mid-ticket white label upgrade and a fantastic contest from JVZoo. You should never miss Email Videos Pro.

Advantages of Email Videos Pro

Knowing that videos can now be played inside the emails through the Email Videos Pro makes every marketer so grateful. I have never seen videos played inside the emails before. But not anymore right now. Things will change, and this application is a perfect creation. You never have to worry about your emails being ignored. Because with videos, readers become more interested. To be more specific, here are the advantages of getting this app.

  • Play videos inside the email
  • Triple the click rate
  • Get maximum engagement from your emails
  • Get more clicks and traffic for more sales
  • Very straightforward and easy to use
  • Available for all the common autoresponders


Every marketer is aware that a video boosts conversions and sales and provides a guaranteed return of investment (ROI). Videos build trust, and people love to watch videos, especially mobile users. It engages the lazy buyers; most consumers prefer watching a video rather than reading long texts. Most of them purchase a product after watching a thorough explainer video. So, with the development of Email Videos Pro, many business markets will change for good. Emails will no longer be ignored. The click rate will increase, the traffic will be boosted, engagement will be easy, and a return of investment is a sure ending. Get ready for the upcoming launch, prepare, and take advantage of the world’s first application that allows videos to play inside emails. Get it now!

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