Debbie McDonald
Ways & Wane

Action plans and portable planners consolidate fragmented eldercare answers

GRASS VALLEY, CA  SEPTEMBER 14, 2020 – Today, Ways & Wane, a service providing online tools for seniors and their families, opened up their action plans for users.

Offering personalized action plans in each of five areas, Ways & Wane brings together the best of senior care information and templates. Users choose and easily build plans for:

  • Getting seniors help, like personal care or specialized housing
  • Preparing documents, like a healthcare power of attorney or POLST
  • Keeping seniors safe, like fall prevention, medication dispensing, and driving assessments
  • Choosing activities appropriate for a senior’s changing capabilities
  • Paying for long-term care

John Drew, a 79-year-old photographer, lived alone when he fell and broke his hip. After another series of falls leading to a traumatic brain injury, he moved from the ICU to rehab to memory care assisted living. Drew needed the support of family members through these transitions, which catapulted his daughters, the Ways & Wane founders, into a caregiving role.

“My father was fiercely independent until suddenly he wasn’t,” explained founder Debbie McDonald. “I had to make all kinds of decisions for him. It was like learning a new language from a textbook with its pages scattered.”

“Families responding on short notice rarely have the opportunity to make solid LTSS [Long-Term Services & Supports] arrangements that will enable a safe living environment,” states a U.S. Senate Commission on Long-Term Care report. “As a result, services, and supports may not be provided in the most appropriate setting by the most appropriate provider, the individual’s needs and preferences may not be met, and their caregivers may experience substantial stress trying to arrange for or provide care.”

The company also offers a GoKit, a portable medical document planner that includes the personalized legal and medical documents that people need to calmly navigate medical situations.

The portable medical document planners and subscription-based action plans can be found at

 About Ways & Wane LLC: Ways & Wane provides ways for seniors and their families to easily navigate the waning phase of life. Founded by two sisters during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ways & Wane consolidates long-term care answers into readily accessible action plans and portable products.