Technology in classrooms has been around for decades. From the more ‘primitive’ technology of mimeographs, duplicating machines, and overhead projectors to the more advanced and current options like interactive whiteboards, tablets, and online tools enhance the student’s learning experience.

If there is technology available that will be a net positive for education, it will end up in classrooms.

What Are the Benefits of Using Edtech?

Edtech is all about creating a better, more engaging lesson for the student and a more organized and easily managed lesson for the teachers.

Researchers on the subject found that most teachers agreed with technology in classrooms, with 70 percent saying they felt that it enriched the classroom experience for everyone. Especially in three major ways:

1) It creates more opportunities for research projects.

2) It helps students learn better by combining self-learning and direct instruction.

3) Teachers can personalize lessons for individual students and their abilities or needs.

Possible Risks

Unfortunately, using technology always comes with possible risks. Whenever a computer or device is connected to the internet, there is a small but real chance that the device could be hacked, data stolen, or other private and valuable information lost to cybercriminals.

Since most Edtech includes software that requires the user to connect to the internet, you should always be aware of the risks beforehand.

Minimizing the Risks

The threat of cybercrimes is a regrettable constant, but here are some top ways to minimize those risks and protect yourself when using Edtech.

Antivirus Software

Antivirus software will protect your device from Trojans, malware, ransomware, viruses, and more. However, this isn’t usually pre-installed on devices, so make sure you double-check you have protection or download a reputable antivirus software if you need to.


A VPN will hide your IP address, encrypt your private data, and allow you to surf online using a private network preventing cybercriminals from hacking into your personal network. Before using online Edtech, connect to a VPN in the USA and browse online safely (

Strong Passwords

All your Edtch accounts should have strong passwords. Don’t use simple, easy-to-guess passwords or ones you use for personal accounts.

Tell Others

Tell your students and fellow teachers how they can protect their own devices. Ensure their devices also have antivirus, a VPN for the United States, and strong passwords too.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of Edtech for both students and teachers far outweigh the possible risks.

However, to ensure you have a safe and smooth experience, it’s paramount that you use devices that have features such as antivirus software or are connected to a VPN before using them online.

Edtech is perfect for classrooms and can help everyone have greater learning and teaching experience!