Marriages are supposed to bring joy and stability in life, making the new beginning a joyous one. But not all matches are made in heaven as many marriages end up in bitter divorce. Messy divorces are not uncommon; neither is domestic violence in a marriage. Read this article to find out how marital discords may have fatal consequences.

Physical Abuse: A lot of people face physical abuse in a relationship. It is not only illegal in the eye of the law but highly unethical. Women all over the world are subjected to tremendous torture that endangers their lives. If you struggle with such torment, do not hesitate to dial up the hotline for help. No relation is worth saving against the price of your physical and mental well-being.

  • Look for signs of violent behavior in your partner. Maybe the violence will start with a slap on the cheek and grow in aggression as the weeks and months pass by.
  • Go for couple’s counselling and talk the whole matter out. If your partner does not want to go to therapy, do it by yourself. A trained psychologist will better understand disturbing behavior and suggest practical remedies to put an end to it.
  • Tell about his violent behavior to a trusted neighbor or your counselor. Others must be updated about your situation so that they are in a position to help when required.
  • Always find a safe location where you can run off to if things get violent. It might be a friend’s house or your parent’s. Always pack a bag with the essentials and legal documents, that you might need in time for a quick escape. You can always book a hotel, just to get away from your house at a moment’s notice.

False Acquisitions: There is a flip side to this narrative as well, as many men are wrongfully accused of physical violence. They might find themselves subjected to mental pressure and end up behind bars. People, in general, tend to be sympathetic to the women but there are several cases where the male partner is the victim of domestic abuse as well.

  • When you find yourself behind bars, find the best bondsman to get you bail as soon as possible. There are various bail bonds available in the market that may come in handy. Go through the documents carefully before choosing the best bail bonds agent that allows you to pay a portion of the total amount and get the bail fast.
  • After you get the bail, hire an experienced lawyer who will help you out of this mess. Make sure the lawyer has prior experiences in such cases that deal with domestic violence abuse. It is important to state every detail clearly to showcase that men are vulnerable too.

Adverse Effect on Children: Domestic discords put a strain in the mental structure of the children. They find sudden changes hard to process and carry on with their daily lives. A clean separation is of parents is healthier than them seeing violence in the household. It is advisable to arrange a safe place for the children when parents settle down their verbal discords. Talk to children’s guidance counselors to find out more on how you should treat your child in a difficult situation.