Have you ever seen those shampoo advertisements that have a beautiful lady driving a convertible sports car (often red), with the top down on a coastal road, with the wind blowing into her hair and a red scarf flattering across her neck, and her hair is so long and magnificent that we as viewers get lost in it?

Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s not just us who have those moments, but dogs have them too. But not any dog – Afghan Hounds mainly. If you have ever seen one of these beauties walking along a street with their owner, on a windy day, you would recall those shampoo commercials and wish you had hair like that. To say this dog is ‘sophistication personified’, would be an understatement.

Not only are they tall, and slender but they have the most remarkable silky hair that can grow to lengths that some owners have even turned into dreadlocks. That’s correct. Are you intrigued? Let’s find out some more, shall we?

Who Are These Wonderful Creatures?

Many people love looking at other people’s dogs, and often jump at the chance at getting their own, however, know nothing about them. This guide is about to shine a light on those who want a dog as a companion and are interested in knowing all about it too. We’re on the trail of the Afghan Hound.

Let’s start with its name – derived from Afghanistan, his original name was “Tazi”, and not just that but is one of the oldest breeds in the world dating back to the pre-Christian era. You yet have to find a mixed breed because most of them around the world are pure breeds, and have been intentionally kept that way as they fetch higher dollar value for them as well as multiple awards and show prizes, such as these examples here.

Characteristics of Tazi’s

So, what can you expect from them when you consider adopting one?  They are some of the most affectionate dogs on the planet. As expected you would need to book an afternoon off to spend some time on their lovely manes… brushing it and keeping it free of knots. Unless you get tempted to braid it, then you need to keep a few hours aside.

With any four-legged canine, you would need some space for them to run around, but not all can adapt to an apartment lifestyle. However, these Afghans can; and they don’t mind any bit of space. They are highly sensitive so keep watch if they bark at something, maybe check it out, just to be sure. These “basal breeds” have at least 13 known types hailing from Turkmenistan to Russia, find out here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afghan_Hound

They don’t mind cold or hot weather but make sure you do get them a warm blanket for winters and a comfy basket or sleeping bag for them to lounge on. As mentioned above they are affectionate with almost everyone in the family. They love kids so they can make good pets in big families, and they can also get along with other pets in the house.

Although some breeds can be more free-spirited than others these guys are the easiest to train and have high energy levels so you will never run out of games to play with them.

Physical Traits

They can get up to 26 inches tall and can weigh on average around 60 pounds. If you’re looking for a canine to keep you company for a good number of years, these hounds can live up to 12 years. As they were originally used to hunt prey in the wilderness they may still have some of those instincts but playfully.

They aren’t fussy eaters, however, do need good quality food if you want that hair to remain silky and knot-free. Some owners swear by giving them CBD oil in their food, and even pet treats with hemp extract in them. Turn him into a Holista Pet and keep them fit and healthy by providing them with a boost to their overall well-being.

They are very courageous dogs and can protect their owner from the prey when the need arises. Grooming is an essential part of their daily lives, they would it do it themselves but they would prefer if you did it for them. Sometimes it’s best left with the groomers to handle.

When they are puppies, they can be a bit clumsy and will drop things and be a little imbalanced till they are 6 months of age, by which time you should enroll them in training school. Even though they can be tall and are tough hunters, they need to be treated gently, so don’t ever be rough with them.

The best thing you can do for your kids is to get an Afghan puppy with your babies and let them grow up together.