This year has been especially tough on employers and employees alike. Due to the ongoing pandemic, many companies have yet to welcome their staff members back to the office. 

Many employees prefer the work-life balance they’ve found working from home and are eager to continue reporting to the office via videoconferencing apps like Zoom and Google Meet. Others, however, miss the ability to clearly define and separate their work life from their home life and look forward to returning to their office spaces at the first available opportunity.

Regardless of how your company chooses to welcome employees back to the office, one thing is certain: Whether remote or in person, your staff has been an invaluable asset to the health of your business and has worked hard to keep your organization running smoothly. Through creative pivots, ingenious solutions, and a whole lot of hard work, your employees’ ability to remain flexible throughout the pandemic is directly tied to the success of your company. By creating a rewards platform in the work environment, it will show employees how much they are valued.

Isn’t it time you showed your employees just how much their loyalty and dedication means to you? While the days of corporate retreats and happy hours haven’t returned quite yet, we’ve got some creative and thoughtful ideas for you to celebrate your employees and show your appreciation through digital reward programs!

Virtual Rewards, Authentic Sentiment

Just because you’re not face to face doesn’t mean you can’t give your team a token of appreciation. Your employees appreciate gift cards, particularly those tailored to their specific interests, hobbies, or preferences. By choosing from a variety of store and restaurant gift cards, you can show your sincere appreciation with a customized gift that suits the unique taste of each individual on your payroll.

A Digital Experience They’ll Never Forget

Sure, we’ve all burned out on the Zoom happy hours—with their stilted conversation, accidental mute situations, and annoying technical difficulties that fail to recreate the real thing. But what about a fun virtual experience that everyone can participate in at the same time? Consider a painting party, yoga class, or mixology lesson hosted by a company that specializes in virtual events. Your employees will love interacting with one another in a safe, meaningful way.

Now’s the time to show your employees how much they mean to your organization. By choosing just the right digital rewards for a job well done, you can boost motivation and increase on-the-job enjoyment in one easy, fun step!

In a time that is different unlike any other, it is important to remember that employees are what drives business and they help maintain your success. By offering employee rewards, it can increase productivity but more importantly, show your employees how much you appreciate them.