DHS invests $300,000 through a client in next-generation VidaNyx video management system in support of survivors of child abuse

Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.”

— Fernando Aguirre

WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, November 6, 2020 — In a first-of-its kind partnership among a philanthropy, a social technology innovator, and a national nonprofit association, DHS has donated $300,000 to be awarded through National Children’s Alliance (NCA) to provide next-generation video management systems to the nation’s Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) to protect evidence, enhance services to child victims, and support criminal justice with an innovative tech solution.

Grants will be made available to CACs nationwide to purchase an initial subscription to VidaNyx, developed by Seattle-based Giving Tech Labs. VidaNyx is a secure cloud-based video management, sharing and archiving solution tailored to the needs of CACs. It was built from the ground up as a collective effort working with NCA, and an advisory council of expert attorneys, prosecutors, therapists, the FBI, forensic interviewers, CAC leaders across the U.S., government officials and philanthropists.

“Investing in data and technology is critical for nonprofits and government services working to improve the lives of children and families,” said Fernando Aguirre, DHS Vice Chairman. “We are proud to shed light on the important work of National Children’s Alliance and help to scale software like VidaNyx, a solution that protects and supports vulnerable kids who have experienced neglect or abuse.”

NCA leadership chose to partner with VidaNyx and DHS not only because the product is tailored to meet the needs of CACs, but also because the broader support of tech firms and philanthropies for CACs is critical to their ability to innovate to meet the needs of child victims.

“We are so grateful for the support of DHS in funding digital transformation for Children’s Advocacy Centers,” said NCA executive director Joan Soller. “This grant will be instrumental in mission achievement for multidisciplinary teams and creating peace of mind for families. CACs provide a coordinated, evidence-based response to children who have been abused in all 50 states. And now, thanks to DHS, dozens of CACs can protect forensic interviews like they protect the kids. We invite other philanthropists and corporations who care about healthy communities to join in this effort.”

Giving Tech Labs, the creators of VidaNyx, developed the product not just to satisfy a market need, but also a social one to meet the demands of next-level digital security for the growing number of children served by CACs around the country.

“We created VidaNyx when we learned of the systemic need for a secure digital solution to protect and manage child forensic interviews,” explains DHS Vice Chairman, Fernando Aguirre. “In less than one year, we have enabled child advocacy centers to lead digital transformation for their communities with over 35 agencies in 17 states. These centers report up to 95% savings in their operating costs related to digital video evidence management and 67% faster processing times. Thanks to DHS, thousands more children will be protected all across the U.S. With the savings during the first year, the solution pays for itself for years to come making this catalytic grant the spark for true system change. Technology can augment speed and capacity not just for child advocacy centers, but for law enforcement, prosecution, and other multi-disciplinary agencies to protect evidence in a modern, digital workflow. We
look forward to a long-lasting partnership with DHS to power impact and change for children and under-served communities.”