Blockchain technology has progressed rapidly throughout the years since its initiation, and it has now become the most exciting tech trend at the moment. The implementation of blockchain technology across multiple computer games and the enthusiasm of its users globally are proof that the progression is not stopping anytime soon.

Creo Engine serves as a blockchain-based gaming platform where developers can launch and develop their games under Creo Engine’s ecosystem. And coming with that, they also created an in-house game studio.

‘Evermore Knights,’ the first of the four games their in-house game studio develops, is a blockchain gacha game featuring unique characters with epic storylines, exciting gameplay, and of course, an opportunity to earn real-world income off of playing the game. The fighters, weapons, and even items in this game are visually striking NFTs that players can trade and sell under their water-tight marketplace. The pre-Alpha version of Evermore Knights was released and tested on December 25th, 2021.

And what’s fascinating is that they’re interchangeable between games, meaning players can utilize the NFT assets in-between all of the games developed under the Creo Engine ecosystem. And all these are governed under one token they create, which they call CREOENGINE.

With all that features, they only have one primary mission in mind: to create the best platform with a positive impact on people’s lives while bringing better welfare for those they serve, all within their healthy ecosystem in this ever-growing GameFi.

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