Living on a military base is a privilege extended to all active military personnel. The decision to live on base often depends on a lot of individual factors like income, length of commute, and safety in the surrounding area. That said, choosing to live on base offers many conveniences that may be overlooked. For one, living on a military base is a key component of military readiness. It can also offer a sense of community and help you get to know the people you’ll be working very closely with. Below we will highlight some of these benefits in greater detail:

Cost Benefits are Offered

Those serving in the military are offered a Basic Housing Allowance (or BAH) when living on or near a base. This allows active-duty military personnel housing compensation based on housing costs in local civilian housing markets. This valuable perk can offer stability long after you serve your term.

Many military housing bases are also located near military commissaries. Commissaries are military installation grocery stores. They often offer heavy discounts that you will not find at a local grocery store, usually for everyday items like food, cleaning supplies, and hair products. Commissaries are open to active military personnel, veterans, and their family members. Certain commissaries even allow products to be pre-ordered and shipped to a site.

Sense of Community

Living on a military base grants you the opportunity to get to know other active-duty military personnel on your base. Many communities these days offer affordable as well as luxury apartments near air force bases (AFB) with gated residential housing and many amenities that allow for socialization. These amenities could include tennis and basketball courts, community centers, walking and jogging trails, and playgrounds. All of these communal spaces offer opportunities to get to know your neighbors while staying active.

When you move into a housing space like this one, you’ll have an entire military family of people waiting to welcome you. Since they are often smaller housing areas, it can quickly become a tight-knit group of people. This of course promotes a sense of unity.

Activities for Families

Living close to your military base can provide you with a lot of options for entertainment for your family. Several base communities offer movie theaters, club, dancing, and dining areas. Not to mention, most have teenage youth centers and child youth programs that can provide children with the education and guidance they need to thrive. Many military bases even offer college education centers and up to 75% tuition assistance for dependents.

Finally, when you live in such a tight-knit community, it is common to have family picnics and events in the off-time. It gives you a chance to get to know the other families in the surrounding area while making lasting memories with your little one.

Military Base: A Worthwhile Community

Living on a military base while on active-duty has many benefits. It’s extremely convenient, it comes at a subsidized cost, and allows you to get to know other like-minded individuals with whom you will spend most of your time.