If you live in a small house, you definitely understand the struggle of decorating it in a way to make it look spacious. Wall color, lighting in the room, and the décor have a huge impact on how big or small your room can look. Let’s discuss these in detail.

1.Wall Color

Using a darker tone or shade can make your room look cramped up, while the lighter or softer hues are the obvious choice. Below are some House Painting tricks which can make any small room look spacious.

Egg White

White is the most popular choice among people for smaller rooms. But going stark white can make your room look boring, think about accentuating one side of your room wall with a brighter shade. Decorate that wall with some classic artwork, and have some white focus lights placed right above it, to make a statement. You can also explore Texture Design For Wall Painting or a glossy finish on white walls, this will reflect the light creating an impression of a bigger space.

Blush Pink

This pretty pink color not only looks good on your cheeks but looks equally glorious on your walls. This shade of pink has a grey undertone and pairs beautifully with your leather furniture or burnt orange rug.

Light Blonde

Yes, you read it correctly, light blonde or softer hue of blonde is a lovely option for your room. Add some antique décor to make the room look charming. Even simple wooden furniture teamed with this shade is enough to make your room look inviting.

Turquoise Charm

Another unique color of choice for your walls to make them look bright is turquoise. This is one such color that exudes royalty. Select the lighter shade of turquoise and team it with white décor to give a dreamy look to your space.

2. Light In The Room

Add big windows to your room to capture the natural light and connect your inner space with nature outside. Use sheer curtains instead of heavy fabric curtains to allow maximum sunlight to enter the room.

Along with the natural light, use additional light fixtures like sconces, ceiling lights, side or table lamps to name a few to cover any dark spots in the room.

3. Interior Décor

Avoid cluttering your living space or your bedroom with excessive furniture and artifacts. Multi-functional furniture is a good pick for making your room look spacious. Cabinets that close into a wall, sofa cum bed, expandable dining tables are often used by interior decorators for effective utilization of the space.

Avoid too many wall paintings, it makes the room look smaller, instead choose one statement piece or a focal point in the room to draw attention, leaving the rest minimal.

Using large mirrors is an age-old trick that people use to create an illusion of bigger space. It reflects the light in the room let it be the natural sunlight or the artificial light from the fixtures, giving the room a more open look.

You can browse online for some great ideas to make your room look spacious. Check the images and read the interior decorators’ recommendations before you start the planning process. You can also order sample swatches of paint online or get those small pots from the local paint shop to first try the above-recommended colors.

If you think that it’s too much to handle, then hire an expert who will magically transform your small space and make you happy.