Next to loading and unloading, packing your belongings is probably one of the most tedious tasks associated with moving. Long before the actual move, you need to devote time to gather packing supplies, sort out stuff, disassemble furniture, and pack them securely. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of time and the physical capacity to do it.

Perhaps you’re wondering whether professional movers will disassemble furniture and do the packing. Typically, moving companies offer full moving services, which cover everything from planning to packing and loading down to unloading and moving in. With this service, you’d expect them to do everything there is to be done. You’ll just have to wait for the relocation day. But these extra services don’t come for free. Expect the moving company to charge additional fees from the typical $1,533 average moving cost.

Will Moving Companies Disassemble Furniture and Do the Packing?

Although most furniture in your home will not need to be disassembled, others will have to be taken down so they can be safely moved around, packed, loaded, and transported.

As mentioned above, the moving company can take care of the disassembly (and even assembly) of bulky furniture. Some items such as bed frames, vanities, dining room tables, and dressers with attached mirrors often need to be disassembled. You can arrange with the provider so they can disassemble these furniture pieces. This service comes in handy especially if you are limited physically, lack time, or ill-equipped to perform this task.

Likewise, professional movers offer packing services. Generally, moving companies offer limited packing assistance for free. They’ll help you put the remaining stuff in boxes or crates, but don’t expect them to do everything. Movers would charge an additional fee if they would do all of the packings. Professional packers are highly experienced when it comes to packing household goods. They can work efficiently thus cutting the pack-up time. They can do a full day’s work. You can help them categorize your belongings, pack them in groups, and label accordingly, so it’s easier to unload later.

For these extra services, rates may vary depending on the type of move. If it is a local move, the movers will likely charge hourly rates. If it is a long-distance relocation, the moving company will charge based on the weight. Considering that this service comes with extra costs, it is prudent to ask whether you can disassemble your furniture and pack yourself or have professional movers do it.

When To Seek Professional Mover’s Help for Furniture Disassembly and Packing

So, when is it advisable to hire movers to disassemble furniture and pack your belongings? Toronto mover, Torex Moving, shares some reasons to hire professional movers.

Lack of time

If you have a tight schedule, you should seriously consider delegating these tedious moving tasks to professional movers. Taking down furniture can take time, especially if you are not a handy person. Likewise, packing bulky stuff can take days or even weeks.

Health risks

Disassembling your furniture and packing household goods require physical fitness. If you are not physically fit or have underlying health conditions, hiring professional movers to complete these tasks is highly recommended. You don’t want to break your back in the process. This is recommended if you are of advanced age. Any sudden movements might lead to muscle strain and other problems.

Pricey belongings

Certain intricate and delicate valuables require special care during dismantling, packing, and transport. Some might require expert skills and specialized equipment. If you need to move bulky heirloom furniture or expensive equipment, it’s best to contact experienced movers. They know how to handle pricey stuff. They are also insured, hence, you are assured that nothing wrong will happen to your valuables.

Moving solo

Packing up your household items is not something you can do alone. For example, lifting heavy furniture items can hurt your back. While you can start packing early, lifting and moving furniture around your home can be difficult. With the help of professional movers, you can do these things safely, protecting both your health and your properties.

If you really want to save or can’t afford extra charges, you should start dismantling your furniture and packing belongings much earlier. This should allow you to work slowly and avoid cramming, which puts you at risk for injuries and failures. Make sure you have the right tools and safety gear. Ask for help from family or friends, for sure, you’ll need an extra pair of hands.

Dismantling furniture and packing yourself or getting the services of professional movers is a crucial decision to make before moving. Consider all of these factors when making an informed decision.