A bed sheet is an important part of everyone’s day to day life. A bedsheet’s importance is often overlooked while buying one. However, you require some knowledge about what you’re paying for. An average person spends about 7 to 8 hours a day, resting on his bed. Wouldn’t you just love to wake up fresh from the bed to look into the wall mirror placed near it and all that you feel is pure bliss?

Bedsheets significantly impact your sleeping experience. They are of different types which vary with their softness and breathability. Following are some of the important factors to look into, while buying a bedsheet.


Cotton bed sheets are the most comfortable sheets even during a hot summer night. The fibres that go into the bedsheet make it breathable and soft. Cotton bedsheets are also long-lasting, provided they are treated well.

These bedsheets are a variety of cotton with increased dye absorption capability due to their extra-long fibres. They come in vivid colours and prints. They last longer than a basic cotton bedsheet due to the increased durability of the strands. Hence, Pima and Supima cotton bedsheets are higher in quality as well as cost.

EGYPTIAN COTTON is preferred for purposes that necessitate or require repeated washings. The longer you use them, the softer they become.

There are other materials such as BAMBOO, COTTON RICH, MICROFIBER, POLYESTER AND OTHER SYNTHETICS that also come with attractive features.


The number of strands of thread that are woven into one square inch of fabric is termed as thread count. The softness of a bed sheet is associated with its thread count. Higher the thread count, softer is the bedsheet. Thread count is an important factor on which the prices vary significantly.


Size of your mattress is the most influential factor in making this decision of buying a bedsheet. The bed sheet needs to be large enough to comfortably tuck the corners under the mattress. It is important to factor in the pillow tops while measuring the dimensions of your mattress from top to bottom.


Not every sheet is meant to be cleaned the same way. A few of them, like silk sheets, require special care while cleaning. It is essential to make sure that you can afford to take care of these things after buying them. Any amount of carelessness will only make the sheets lose their essence.

5.   WEAVE

A fabric is classified into either percale or sateen depending on the construction of wefts (vertical threads) and warps (horizontal threads). The touch of the fabric is determined by its weave. Percale has a light, crisp and cool feels while sateen has a luxurious, silky and royal feel.


Most of the sheets are treated with chemicals to ensure they won’t lose their shape or wrinkle. But, a few other sheets come with a chemical-free or pure finish. Though organic sheets are more susceptible to wrinkling, it is a personal choice to make between organic and chemical finish.

A carefully chosen bedsheet can help you sleep like a baby. Take your pick and experience how it changes your entire sleeping experience.