Before a driver enters Kent with their heavy freight, they need to have a permit to use the routers inside Kent which leads up to France. Turns out that a whole lot of drivers were not following the proper procedure.

What happened?

Before the HGV vehicles enter Kent, they need a permit to do so. Otherwise, they have to face heavy penalties. Turns out that there were more than hundreds of drivers who were illegally driving through the area without a permit. They were all charged heavily for their actions. They were given fines as much as £300 when discovered.

“Hundreds of HGV drivers traveling across the borders via the port of Dover or Eurotunnel are being fined for not having the correct documentation. We are doing everything to train the drivers working with companies across the UK but this will take time for everyone to better understand the new system. If this trend continues, it could result in traffic disruption across the kent” Valdas, HGV Training Services (HGVT)

Why were they fined?

The UK was removed from having to follow the EU rules after January first. Thus, the law states that you need to have a permit before entering Kent. The police have caught as many as 407 people violating the traffic rules and driving their HGV throughout the place without having the permission to do so at all.

What needs to be done?

To get trade goods to France, the HGV has to pass through Kent first. It is necessary and since France is a developed country, there needs to be a lot of trade on the route through Kent.

If haulers are heading towards France in a heavy goods vehicle, they ought to have the permit before they can take Eurotunnel or the port of Dover before entering France.

It is due to these precautions that a lot of controversies have risen. Traffic moves slowly at the border and many people are held up for some time.

Further problems

It was not just the permit that was the issue. Apart from that, many drivers caught the attention of the authorities by breaking traffic rules. By doing so they furthered the amount of damage that was being done by them. They would disrespect the queue by getting around the lines to reach the borders before anyone else. And in such scenarios, the authorities sure are bound to ask questions and find out.

To pass these areas, these drivers also took illegal shortcuts. They used the A20 shortcut instead of the authorized paths that are dedicated to such trade with France. Once they were caught it sparked much upheaval.

According to the police, the majority of those drivers are using the correct methods to go in and out of the area. Most of them do come around with valid permits and all processes in place. Despite that, there is a significant number of drivers that still need to be stopped. This phenomenon is disturbing for the Kent police and traffic. They don’t want too much damage in the freight department.

Therefore, to ensure the proper following of procedures, the Kent police have requested traders to understand the complexities of the situation. They need to follow the explicated procedures before the drivers begin their journey.

What are the procedures?

First of all, in the wake of the latest situation, the drivers are first expected to get their covid tests taken within 72 hours before their departure. Outside Kent, many sites are dedicated solely to testing and permit services. The drivers can head there for advice and consultations as well. Another thing that can be used is the border readiness check. If drivers have that, they can cross the borders easily without any issues.

The EU import control has implemented some trading and driving rules on the HGV that weighs above 7.5 tonnes. The permit ensures that the drivers own all the documents that need to be carried during the whole journey. The permit also ensures that the drivers and the vehicles are equipped with the necessary controls which are under the EU.

If the drivers have the permit, they are sure to not be held up in situations. They will not only be able to avoid all the problems associated with being caught and sent back, but they can also avoid queues and sidetracking.