Are you looking for an executive banner with maximum portability? Look no further, retractable banners are ideal for you. It’s the choice banner for both indoor and outdoor displays that will give your company great visibility. If you are planning to have a conference, political campaign, trade show stand, or an indoor or outdoor event, retractable banners will make a great impact for you!

A retractable banner is also called a rollup banner. It has three major parts: the digitally printed banner, the aluminum base, and the adjustable back pole.

The base is made in such a way that it has a roller on which the banner is rolled in and rolled up from. The banner is supported by an adjustable pole. The pole is fixed in a circular groove on the base and hooked at the header to hold the banner and keep it up. After use, you unhook the pole and the banner retracts back into the aluminum base stand.

The banner takes up minimum space on display position while offering a great solution to your advertisement quest. Because it comes with a zipped carrier bag, its storage is not a headache either. Advertisers have taken to retractable banners because of their noticeability and sleek design.

The size of the banner varies with use. The table rollup banners are ideal for offices carrying textual information meant to be fully read. The bigger banners are good for both outdoor and indoor displays, especially because you can include more images and text elements.

Making a retractable banner

The banner begins from the design. The designer will prepare the artwork and lay it out to fit the desired size and purpose. The graphic message is then printed on a super durable 13 oz. with enticing smooth gloss or matte textured grayback material via a large format digital printer.

After printing, the banner is fixed into the base casing. The top side is cramped into the header bar which has a groove at the back. Then the banner is allowed to retract back via tension springs that pull the banner around a roller inside the aluminum base.

To display, the banner is pulled up from the case and hooked upwards by the adjustable pole to express the graphic contents and then be allowed to roll back into the case after use and put into the bag.

They can either be one-sided or double-sided. The double-sided one has two banners that roll on two rollers and two slots while the one-sided one has only one roller and slot.

Types of roll-up banners aluminum bases

Standard base

The standard base is the most affordable sleek display banner. It is smaller in size and suitable for smaller businesses.

The premium base also called Broadbase

The premium roll-up banner base has a sophisticated look because of the shiny chrome caps making the banner exhibit great professionalism.

Deluxe base

This is the best rollup banner base to display your brand with. The chrome end caps and its double-sided feature make it look like a high-end product. It’s suitable for corporate companies.

Retractable banners, with the right designs and a well-illustrated message, will increase traffic and sales to your business.