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Traders, beginner or advanced, remain sceptical about using advanced crypto trading software. That’s understandable as the cryptocurrency market is volatile, and investments are risky. 

But the creators of Bitcoin Supersplit claim high accuracy and high returns. Is it possible? Does that make the platform legit or a scam? 

The automated robot seems to be accessible by any trader and is among the best bitcoin robots for 2021. It boasts features that many competitors do not offer and automatically makes it the popular trading platform for trading. 

The Bitcoin Supersplit Review provides a balanced and comprehensive look at the trading platform — its features, functions, and uses. 


What is Bitcoin Supersplit?


The advanced automated crypto trading platform enables traders to benefit from the trading opportunities in the crypto market. The Bitcoin Supersplit website claims that its algorithms, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are handled by blockchain. 

The platform has high accuracy, speed, and an easy-to-use interface for traders with zero trading experience with these features.

Founded by the team of former bankers from Wall Street, they made a user interface that is easy to use and convenient to navigate. Trading with Artificial Intelligence mainly uses scalpers and High-Frequency Traders

After trade executes, scalping helps to capitalize on the minute price changes. In contrast, High-Frequency Traders use the capability of advanced computers to transact large orders in a matter of seconds. 

The best part is that the trading robot will require no manual input as it functions on autopilot. Also, you can read the trading instructions written in layman’s terms to make it easily understandable. 


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Not available in every location

No Bitcoin Supersplit app is available


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Key Features of Bitcoin Supersplit


The Bitcoin Supersplit trading platform had made quite an uproar in the crypto market. To get an in-depth insight into its functionalities and features, let’s discuss what makes it worthy of your investment. 

Affiliated Brokers


The partner brokers on this platform are reputed and regulated by ASIC and FCA bodies. The broker firms allow traders to access the market trades via safeguarding customer funds and the robot’s algorithm. 

Dedicated Customer Service


Any trader can connect with the Bitcoin Supersplit customer support team via phone, chat, and email. It is available round the clock. 

Apart from that, the website provides dedicated account managers to each customer to guide them through the different functions of the platform. There will include handling payout, how the platform works, and how they can set trades.  

User Testimonials


The number of verified Bitcoin Supersplit members and user reviews displays positive feedback. Also, at most reputable review sites, the platform has got a high rating on highlighted features like safe withdrawals, ease of use, and advanced technology.  

All these features make it a legit and safe platform. 


Withdrawal and Payout Process


Access to the platform and making withdrawals and deposits are made at no extra cost. However, Bitcoin Supersplit App does charge a 2 percent commission on every profit. 

That said, there are no extra charges on withdrawal. You can easily make a withdrawal request, and the software will approve the request in about 24-48 hours. 

Besides, the payout system will calculate immediately what the user has earned after the trade gets closed. The process is automatic, making it convenient for customers to access about 94 percent of their daily returns with initial investments

Traders can, however, make higher profits if they think of reinvesting the profit earned. But, as a beginner, it is better to take small earnings initially to earn more profit in the future. 


Secure Verification System


Is Bitcoin Supersplit legit? Yes, the verification system of the platform will answer the question.  

The easy and fast verification process makes a convenient and seamless process for all the transactions. After you login to Bitcoin Supersplit, the platform asks the traders to identify verifications. Also, the verification takes place when you set up a Bitcoin Supersplit account for payment.  

With this, it provides overall protection to the customer’s identity and the money earned. For verification, the user will require any valid identity proof such as a utility bill, driver’s license, or government ID. 

You can start with live trading as soon as you are duly verified. 


Why Should You Use Bitcoin Supersplit for Trading?


Why do traders look for an automated trading platform? Traders want to maximize their benefits by easing the manual activities at such platforms. 

Day traders can make the most of this trading platform as it offers a demo trading account for beginners. Besides, professional traders leverage the algorithms to utilize high-frequency trading features. 

But, it’s better that you have trading strategies and goals in mind before starting with the live trading for maximum profits. 

Another benefit of this platform is that customers can keep a check on account security and risk management. They can ensure two-factor authentication for the former and always withdraw money after earning. 

Let’s consider a few more benefits you can achieve using the platform.

Removing Human Errors


The automated trading platform eliminates all the possible human errors in trading. Artificial Intelligence-driven algorithms and automation offer high accuracy. However, the software does not involve human emotions responsible for human errors. 

So, the decisions are not made in a split-second, and they are backed by market outlook and massive data analysis. 

Robots can never miss out on the market volatility and provide an accurate analysis of the market trends. 


Protection of Deposits Made


A deposit protection scheme is launched when the platform deals with regulated and affiliated brokers. The crypto brokers can handle the customer’s fund separately from the firm to ensure deposit protection. As a result, if the broker turns out to be a fraud, your money will remain safe and secure. 


Advanced Analytics


Is Bitcoin Supersplit real? You might have asked this question to trade with the platform to get amazed with the fast processing and analysis system. The AI-driven algorithm allows the software to analyse the Bitcoin market to execute and set profitable trades in no time. 


Ease of Use


Don’t worry if you are an inexperienced trader; the platform is not complex to understand and use. After you sign up with Bitcoin Supersplit, you are ready to enter the world of live trading. 

With the convenient verification and registration process, the platform offers an interface that is easy to navigate. It will allow the users to set trades and handle their risk management with just a button. 


What Role Do Partner Brokers Play in Bitcoin Supersplit Trading?  


Bitcoin Supersplit has partnered with about 50 brokers and has spread to over 130 countries worldwide. The role of brokers in auto trading is crucial as it involves getting trades from the robot and carefully placing them in the market at the right time. 

The robot instructs the brokers to handle the transactions so that they are responsible for selling and buying. 

For top-notch protection, Bitcoin Supersplit is monitored by top-tier regulators to make sure that each client fund is in safe hands. Moreover, the well-regulated brokers also follow safety measures, including deposit protection schemes and deposit segregation. 

Deposit segregation means the broker will separate the fund of the client from the operating budget. And, the deposit protection scheme gives a guarantee to the client that they will be refunded if the broker goes bankrupt.  

This way, no broker can use the client’s money for any spontaneous purpose.

Financial brokers also offer leverage to the users in the form of 5000:1. It is a debt corresponding to the capital invested. As a result, the traders can earn $5000 for every $1 capital invested. If you think of high leverage, there is a possibility of both losses and profits. Therefore, you need to be careful before proceeding. 


Is Bitcoin Supersplit a Scam? 


Crypto traders have many myths and ask many questions about Bitcoin Supersplit and whether it is legit or a scam? The time-sensitive and volatile cryptocurrency market is only manageable with advanced software algorithms. 

In this Bitcoin Supersplit Review, we will explain whether Bitcoin Supersplit is legit or not:


– It has a win rate of 88 percent that is easy to achieve after exploiting trading and broker signals on the platform. Further, traders can also achieve high returns with professional brokers.  

– Users can protect their investments and funds from volatility using stop loss and deposit limits. 

– Start your trading with just $250 and earn high profits.


Final Thoughts

The above analysis in our Bitcoin Supersplit Review proves that the platform is 100 percent legit. It helps assist experienced and new traders to grow their wealth by generating passive income. 

Also, the US Trading association awarded Bitcoin Supersplit as the best performer for the year 2021. 

If you wish to generate profits and make huge money, register yourself at https://bitcoinsupersplit.net/. However, make sure that your investments are not risky. So, only invest the amount you can afford to lose.



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