With trading bots increasingly growing in popularity and revolutionizing how people now trade cryptocurrencies, many newbies are switching to this option, especially as they are considered to be more efficient than humans. Top cryptocurrency bots like the Bitcoin Revolution platform have made cryptocurrency trading far easier and more efficient since it was launched a couple of years ago.

While some traders may decide to master the art of active trading and working around the clock to outsmart bots like the Bitcoin Revolution platform, trust us when we say it is a very arduous and time-consuming process. So the best way to start making profits right away is to set up a personal trading bot that has been tested and guaranteed to deliver results.

After testing the Bitcoin Revolution bot for live trading, we can say for sure that the system is impeccable, easy-to-use, and highly recommended for both newbies and seasoned traders looking to start their cryptocurrency trading journey.

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Is Bitcoin Revolution a Scam?

Sure, it is possible to master the art of analyzing the cryptocurrency market, but guess what? It takes some time to master technical and fundamental analysis. More so, even after learning technical analysis, it is practically impossible to always be in front of your computer, analyzing the market and looking for trading opportunities. This is where trading bots like Bitcoin Revolution come into the mix.

Bitcoin Revolution platform is an incredible software specially designed to allow users to create an impeccable trading strategy and algorithms, which are automatically executed once specific pre-set levels or market conditions are met. The exciting thing about the Bitcoin Revolution platform is that it runs on the cloud. What this means is that the system will continue to work seamlessly even when your PC is off. All you have to do is set the bot up and give it the required permission to execute trades. It’s that simple.

How does the Bitcoin Revolution work?

Because we like to keep things transparent and straightforward, we made sure to do a detailed review, so you get the hang of how the Bitcoin Revolution platform operates. We also made sure to follow every step from registration all the way to making a profit. Our goal was to test every setting and feature to make sure they work as designed.

From our test, we can say for a fact that the Bitcoin Revolution platform is as good as it gets. The system is outstanding and perfect for anyone looking for an auto trading platform with incredible potential to make users significant profits in a very short time.

The Bitcoin Revolution platform is poised to redefine live crypto trading with its impeccable AI algorithm and seamless automated trading functionality. Using the Bitcoin Revolution trading bot, traders can easily customize their trading signals and strategies using a trading account with a minimum deposit of $250. We like the fact that the platform allows users to copy signals and backtest their strategies to improve their trading better and enjoy a winning edge.

Setting up an account with the Bitcoin Revolution platform is super easy. Once we signed up for an account, we navigated through the platform, made our initial deposit of $250 and made sure to do some basic tests like exploring settings, and went ahead to do some live trading. For our test, we explored the Bitcoin Trading platform automated trading option. We allowed the bot to do the work it was designed for and were pleasantly surprised by the satisfying profit we saw.

Let us quickly add that you have to make an initial deposit of $250 before you can commence live trading.

Here is how to go about registering on the Bitcoin Revolution platform:

1st Step

To set up an account on Bitcoin Revolution, you’ll need to enter your basic information in a short form. Good enough, the process only takes a couple of minutes. And unlike other cryptocurrency trading platforms, getting your account approved on Bitcoin Revolution takes just a short time.

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2nd Step – Funding your trading account

Making a deposit on Bitcoin Revolution has to be one of the easiest things to do on this platform. And like many trading platforms, Bitcoin Revolution offers several deposit options like credit and debit cards, Paypal, and Skrill. These funding options are to make it easy for anyone to make deposits without any hassle. We love the fact that payments are processed almost immediately so that you can get back to trading right away.

Here are two things you must keep in mind when depositing funds on Bitcoin Revolution.

  • You’ll need to fund your trading account with a minimum of $250. We recommend that every trader start with the minimum deposit and add more funds as they gain more confidence and experience.
  • The deposit you make serves as your initial capital. What this means is that the deposit is only required to fund your trading account. And as you keep making money on the platform, you can choose to withdraw or reinvest part of your profits.

3rd Step – Experimenting With Demo trading

Demo trading is an incredible feature that you’ll not find on many cryptocurrency trading platforms. Thankfully, Bitcoin Revolution provides this feature to its teeming users. This impeccable feature enables newbies to backtest their trading strategies and settings on demo mode. Plus, it also gives users insight into how the auto trading bot works.

After testing the demo trading feature on Bitcoin Revolution, we found it to be super convenient and beneficial. We will advise you to test the auto trading mode for anyone looking to get into cryptocurrency trading.

4th Step – Bitcoin Revolution Live Trading

The live trading option on Bitcoin Revolution has two modes. The first one is the manual trading mode. While this mode is very user-friendly and super easy to operate, it would require some knowledge to operate. And except you have some experience up your sleeves, this may not be the best option for you, especially if you’re just starting.

On the flip side, the Automated trading mode is what everyone looking to make consistent profits should go for. The automated mode works pretty well as the robot is designed to scan the market consistently, gathers and analyze the data to pick profitable trades. Once the bot finds a good trade, it proceeds to execute the trade. We like the system because it is straightforward and doesn’t require a trader to lift a finger.

Additionally, we also backtested other features like settings, the flow, support, and costs. Read on to see our findings.

Cost and Charges

Registering on Bitcoin Revolution is absolutely free. Plus, they don’t charge any membership fees. You only need to sign up for an account to start using the Bitcoin Revolution software. We are also thrilled to inform you that there are no transaction fees for deposits and withdrawals as well.

The Verification Process

Like we earlier mentioned, registering an account on the Bitcoin Revolution platform is a stroll in the park. All you have to do is fill the registration form with your basic information. Once that is done, the system will verify your details almost immediately to confirm the authenticity of the personal information submitted.

Bitcoin Revolution Payout

Once your trade is over, the system is automatically set up to calculate your profit. To test the Bitcoin Revolution robot’s performance, our team executed several trades and found the system to be highly efficient and accurate.

Fund Withdrawal Process

This is one of the most exciting features of the Bitcoin Revolution trading platform. Bitcoin Revolution offers the fastest and hassle-free withdrawal processes we have come across compared to other cryptocurrency trading platforms. To test how fast and reliable their withdrawal process is, our team processed 3 withdrawals and each time, the process was smooth and flawless. Even though they stated that withdrawal takes 2-3 business days to process, we were credited before the end of the working day.

Customer support

Bitcoin Revolution has one of the most responsive customer support teams we have come across in this space. With Bitcoin Revolution, traders have seamless access to the customer support team 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Without mincing words, having a responsive support team cannot be overemphasized when it comes to financial dealing. Our team initiated contact with the customer support team at Bitcoin revolution via an online form and chat, and the response was almost instantaneous.

Having tried and tested the Bitcoin Revolution trading software, we can say for a fact that the software lives up to its hype. We were particularly impressed by the performance of the software’s automated trading bot that has made cryptocurrency trading accessible to anyone.

Whether you’re an experienced trader or just starting out on your cryptocurrency trading journey, you’ll absolutely love the Bitcoin Revolution software, as it doesn’t require any prior experience.

Nonetheless, if you’re new to cryptocurrency trading, we will urge you to follow these two fundamental rules:

Start small – We understand that you’re pumped up and can’t wait to get started on your cryptocurrency trading journey. But before you go in heavy, we will urge you to start with the minimum deposit. And the reason for this is to test and experiment with smaller amounts you can afford to lose. And if you aren’t happy with your settings, you can tweak things up a bit for a winning edge.

The better you get at setting your trading rules, the higher amount you can start trading with and getting higher returns using the Bitcoin Revolution robot. If you apply these tips, it is only a matter of time before you have enough money in your trading account to start making consistent profits.

Educate Yourself – While you don’t need any prior knowledge or experience to execute successful trade using the Bitcoin Revolution software, it’s always a smart move to understand the cryptocurrency market, understand technical analysis, follow trends and news.

Bitcoin Revolution- Final Verdict

Even though we initially thought the Bitcoin Revolution software to be hype, our findings, and careful testing of the Bitcoin Revolution platform blew our minds.

Compared to other cryptocurrency trading platforms, Bitcoin Revolution boasts of perks and characteristics that are carefully designed to benefit traders. We particularly love that the platform is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and provides access to many valuable features to advance your trading skills. Plus, they offer several trading modes, zero charges, impeccable win rate, impressive customer service, and smooth transactions.

Regardless of your experience, the Bitcoin Revolution app has proven to be an incredible tool for anyone looking to trade the cryptocurrency market profitably. From the registration phase to settings to withdrawals, we found the system to work seamlessly. While the Bitcoin Revolution robot expertly handles auto trading, withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.

We also love that the Bitcoin Revolution system is safe and secure. This means you have nothing to worry about especially regarding your private information and financial accounts. Let us also add that licensed brokers back the Bitcoin Revolution system. So you can expect to get professional assistance anytime you need it.

In a nutshell, the Bitcoin Revolution software is an impeccable product. We are still surprised that this impressive product is free of charge. For anyone looking for a reliable cryptocurrency trading software that gives users an edge and guarantees consistent profits, you’ll not be disappointed to give Bitcoin Revolution a try.