Are you an online store owner who wants your Woocommerce website to make profits? This article provides a solution to your concern. As an online store seller, you can engage your customers by adding Woocommerce product filters that encourages them to purchase products from your site, giving you more and more profits. Often customers scroll through an e-commerce website, go through hundreds of products, and leave the site without purchasing. It makes it difficult for the buyers to select the desired products and hence they lose interest. But with Expertec search, you can add also add product filter on Woocommerce, which is activated by WP fastest site search plugin.

You can be a successful online store owner by offering the customers the best experience on your e-commerce website by using the Woocommerce search filter by value. Are you eager to know the best Woocommerce product filter plugins?

  • Yith Ajax product filter

Yith product filters allow your buyer to filter the products most effectively. It helps your customers to find the products of their choice in a short span. This particular Woocommerce plugin can be the primary choice if you are looking for the best plugin that can help your business grow. The good news is that the Yith Ajax product filter allows the owner to customize the product filters depending on the intent of the customers. Isn’t that feature amazing?

In addition to the above facility, Yith Ajax product filter allows a separate section to filter the prices of the products, provides varieties of widget layouts, and helps the buyer to filter the products in terms of tags, categories, attributes, and much more.

  • Themify Product filter

Themify product filter is a free plugin that can be downloaded and installed on your Woocommerce website. Its effective and powerful features make it stand out from the other Woocommerce filters. This product filter allows the buyers to identify and search the products based on their price, size, categories, colours, etc.

Interestingly, this product filter offers the customers an option called “page builder” which means that you can create a separate page using this Woocommerce plugin. The product filters can be customized using its drop builder.

  • WOOF Woocommerce product filter

Following in the row we have something called WOOF product filter which is considered to be the best option for beginners. It offers the customers a convenient way to find the products of their choice in no time. The buyer can navigate to products of different varieties in a few clicks.

The plugin has an advanced filter option that aids the buyer to filter the products using a combination of filters. It not only makes use of Ajax to filter the products, but also helps the buyer in infinite scrolling.

  • Ultimate Woocommerce product filter

This is again a free Woocommerce product filter that enables the customer to shop the online products easily by categorizing them by their price, tags, and attributes. Ultimate Woocommerce filter allows creating a browsing experience that is powerful and effective in the attribute section. This gives the shopper a pleasant shopping experience. A unique feature of this filter is that it possesses a smart search in choosing the products using filters.

As we all know, Woocommerce is a plugin for WordPress it becomes imperative to be aware of how to add a search box in header in WordPress which saves time for the site visitors to find the products. If you are a beginner it would be better to go for free product filter plugins to start with. After establishing your business in the market it would be advisable to shift your Woocommerce website to paid product filters.