Are you looking for temporary staff, we totally understand about your need. It becomes challenging sometimes to hire the best staff in Portland. We will help you in finding the best Temp Agency Portland. We have professionals that will provide you best services. We will connect the people with you that match your requirement. They will work for you on hourly basis or for full-time as per your need. We will make sure that the provided staff is completely skilled.

We try to make sure that our agency provides social, economic, and other benefits to different companies. We try to provide the best candidates to you. Our employees are totally supportive and friendly. They have a job experience and are highly professional. We ensure that the candidates complete all the challenges asked by the employers.

We provide the candidates that know about accountability and values. They are responsible and expert in different disciplines. They are compassionate about their work and shows excellent results.


We provide the best candidates that work sustainably. They complete the paperwork on time. They gave quality presentations. You will see a standard quality in their work. We provide the staffs that are amazing.

Skilled Staff

Temp Agency provides a quality skilled staff that is talented. You will get to know about their skills in first meeting. You will love to hire the candidates provided by our agency. We ensure that you will not regret and will ask for more candidates once you have hired one from our agency.

Our candidates provide attractive work.  They know how to manage the things properly. They work with loyalty. They will prove themselves through their work. They will try to fulfill all your needs. They are highly experienced and they know how to deal with complexities. They turn the impossibilities into possibilities.

Administrative Staff

We provide administrative assistants that will help you in managing your team. We provide different staffs to manage workloads.

Flexible Staff

We provide freelancers that work on temporary basis. You can pay them on hourly basis. We also provide profession full time staff. You can hire them on salary basis.

Remote Staff

We also provide technical staff that can deal with your office technical problems. They will manage your laptop and Wi-Fi issues. They will fix it quickly. They are experts in fixing the problems.

Creative Staff

Temp Agency Portland provides the skilled experts that can manage different projects. They are highly legal professionals. We do provide hourly and full time staff as per your need. They will provide you the satisfactory results. They give you the best solutions.

You can hire our experts for special projects. Our staff is experienced and reliable.


We will arrange an interview with our staff and you can hire the ones that suits to your company. We will make sure that our candidates are passionate and experienced. We will give you and our staff an opportunity to talk to each other.

We will provide you the best fit that you can hire. Our staff is illegible and genuine. We also provide IT staff on a contract basis. You can hire them for full time later on, once you are satisfied with their services.

It’s difficult to find out the skilled candidates these days but we made this easy for you. You can feel free to contact Temp Agency and we will work for you. We will let you know about the best candidates that you can choose for you company. We make sure that our staff gives you satisfactory results.