There are athletes who have made history and became famous for their achievements. And there are horses that have made no less success in equestrian races and have also become legendary. These horses have set records and people have always tried to check out horse results here, after every race.

The success of these magnificent creatures has not gone unnoticed, which is why we present archery racehorses in history. These six horses are world-famous and have fans even among people who are not interested in other sports events.

Man o’War

The horse was the best one before World War I. Of the 21 races that this famous horse had, it lost only once because he stood with his back to the starting barrier. This fast horse was the leader in the number of bets and has enriched more than one gambler.

War Admiral

You might think that this is a bit too rough a name for a running horse. Yet, in fact, it completely describes its character. The Admiral was much shorter than his father, Man o’War, but that did not prevent him from having the same impeccable reputation. Like his father, Admiral was just as quick and won 21 out of 26 starts.


The pedigree of this well-known horse is impeccable, as you already met Man o’War and War Admiral. Affirmed is the great-great-grandson of War Admiral, and continues the family of famous horses. It would seem that the horse will become the best runners after his great-great-grandfathers, and it did. He has 22 wins out of 29 starts. Affirmed, during its fame, was a horse that absolutely everyone staked on while remaining satisfied with their choice.

Native Dancer

This horse’s ideal career has not gone unnoticed. 21 wins out of 22. The dancer had to give up his career with a leg injury, but he was so close to the Triple Crown. In 1953, this thoroughbred horse was the finest in the Kentucky Derby, and still holds the title of the best horse, even though it’s been a long time.


When a horse has been nominated four times for Best Horse of the Year, the reputation speaks for itself. Typically, racehorses retire two years after starting their careers. But not in this case. The horse was the best for five years in a row, thanks to which he went down in history. Stories about this famous animal can still be heard on American racetracks.


The first horse ever to win one million dollars as a first-place prize. Out of 45 starts, the horse was 32 times first, 10 times was second and only two times came to the start of the third. These results are amazing!

In the first half of the twentieth century, all riders were afraid to compete with him, so he was the winner of the Triple Crown. Perhaps if the Citation didn’t have a sprain, it would have won many more wins.