These days writing a blog has become something that can benefit a person in meaningful ways. Many people are even earning a considerable amount depending on the content they write up on their blogs. But for that, if you want to start a successful blog, the most important thing is to choose the best blog hosting for this purpose. In this case, you need to select a best blog website because if you choose the wrong web hosting, it can slow down your website, and it even causes some security issues, which is very much alarming. The riskiest thing is that it can even crash your website. That is why it is the most important thing to make the right choice in choosing the best hosting site for your blog when you are new at this. But it does not matter as choosing a better blog hosting site can help a new person as well as for someone who has been using it for the second or third time.

Important Factors

When looking for the best hosting sites for bloggers, you need to consider some essential factors. These factors are listed below.


There are some points for which you need to be prepared as sometimes your website might go down and it can seriously harm your reputation and creates traffic. So UptimeUptime should be a minimum of 99.94%.


You don’t want a hosting site that is slow like a tortoise. You need hosting for your blog that loads very quickly because if it loads slowly, you will ultimately lose your readers and your search engine rankings as well.

Customer support

Your hosting company should have expert support, which responds very quickly whenever you are in the hour of needing help and you are in trouble.

Some of the best blog hosting sites review are mentioned below.


Blue host is a site that offers an excellent 24/7 customer support service, and its team is great because it is swift and friendly. If a person needs switching from one web hosting company to another, it even offers a free website migration to ease the use for small business owners and beginners.

Host Gator Cloud

HostGator is the most popular one because of its unique features. It offers an exceptional and reliable performance, and the Uptime over six months has been recorded as 99.97%. It provides the most easy-to-use features and even a one-click word installation. It includes a free SSL certificate with its package, which is the most critical thing in keeping your site secure.


This offers the best word press support. It is a little more expensive than the two mentioned above. It has a lot of features which compensate for the higher price. Rather than a free SSL certificate, it offers email accounts, daily backups, free WordPress, site migration, and installation. It provides a classic 24/7 customer support service. It also has an uptime of 99.98%. It is an excellent blog host, and it has all the right reasons for this. Everything is known to be a top-notch thing, from their services to their performance and features.


This site is the cheapest and the reliable one. As it costs only $ 1.59 per month and if you can pay for 48 months, they even offer tons of other exciting features, which include a free domain. This is the most reliable and cheap web hosting service, and if you are already using it there is no need to look for another one.

Dream Host

This site offers you a money-back guarantee as they give a 97 days money-back guarantee. It does not make it to the top three, but it offers some special discount services that are why it is also an excellent option to go. Its monthly price after a discount is $2.95 per month


This is one of the biggest names in Word press hosting, and if you are looking to invest the best, then it is the most reliable option for you it is fast and helpful and offers no free trials but worth getting for your hosting site.