The most common usage for Windows VPS servers is hosting a website. Using a shared VPS, you don’t have permission for custom software system installation and administration permission. Using Windows 10 VPS server, the user pays for a full VPS service which gives all the permissions as well as good features. But what is Windows 10 VPS? No know them well, let’s start with definition of a VPS:

What Is VPS?

What is VPS? VPS is a short abbreviation for a Virtual Private Server. This is a virtual machine that you can buy from a hosting provider companies such as Routerhosting to host a web site.
Each VPS provides you a dedicated space on a server to host your website better. Selecting a VPS completely depends on your requirements such as the amount of money you want to pay, or a technical factors you expect like disk space or bandwidth. But, one of the most important items is operating system.

Choosing the best OS, your field of action, and your business improves more and more. You can easily find a Windows VPS with great speed, function, security, an affordable price. But notice, there is various versions of Windows VPS including Windows XP VPS server, Windows 7 VPS server, Windows 8 VPS server, and Windows 10 VPS server (that is the latest and the most frequently used version) and we recommend using it. But before purchasing a Windows VPS, let’s have a basic definition of that:

What Is Windows 10 VPS ?

You know, the core of your system is an operating system. Windows 10 VPS hosting is an ideal instance for hosting, testing, and developing Windows desktop applications. This is the latest version of Windows VPS series that makes a perfect remote workstation operating system. It also includes remote audio and support graphics acceleration and video. Windows 10 VPS server can function as an office or home desktop PC. Thanks to the power of the cloud. Also it has a lot of use cases that

some of them are listed in the following list:

Windows 10 VPS use cases :

Below are the most frequently Windows 10 VPS use cases:

  • Hosting a website
  • Windows Application hosting
  • Database hosting
  • Remote Access Protocol (RDP)
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Mail servers
  • Backups
  • PowerShell Scripts
  • Forex

How to Find Best Windows 10 VPS ?

Finding the best Windows 10 VPS is not difficult. Purchasing a Windows 10 VPS server plan from Routerhosting

you will be provided with the following features:

  • Enabled and Ready-to-go RDP (Remote Desktop)
  • Includes FREE Windows 10
  • Includes All Windows VPS Features
  • Administrator Access
  • Secure (free DDoS protection)
  • Dedicated OSE
  • On-demand Upgrade or Downgrade Server Resources
  • Available with Additional Microsoft Licensing add-ons
  • Update Windows Installation with Security Patches
  • Enterprise SSD & Powerful Hardware
  • Instant set up by complete dedicated resources
  • 24 hours access to your Windows 10 VPS server
  • Run with any program you wish with no limitation
  • Run any sensitive program such as Forex trading tool 24/7
  • Smart control panel with KVM technology
  • Fast and easy installation within 20 minutes

As you can see, Routerhosting offers you a professional Windows 10 VPS server with the best features. You can order it from all locations around the world without any restriction:
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