Hair removal is an important part of detailing and maintaining a vehicle’s bodywork. Wax is available in various forms. Spray wax is becoming very popular these days, because many believe that it offers ease of application. However, others say that it needs to be used a lot more careful than the other types.

Why choose Spray wax

If you are planning to wax your new car by using best car polishers, one that already has a clear finish and then spray coating is always a good idea. As the paint on these vehicles is relatively new, they hardly need full waxing. You may be looking for spot coverage or hair patch-ups, and a spray coat is a perfect solution for these problems, compared to a liquid or paste layer. In addition, it also blends very well with the surrounding color, and doesn’t look patchy like a paste or a liquid coat.

Spray coating offers a quick fix for stains and small patches, but it can also be used to cover the entire body. You can finish the entire surface in half the time that is required for a paste or liquid application. In addition, this layer does not need to be polished than other finishes, which saves more time. Applying this type of coat can seem very difficult, but it’s pretty straightforward once you get the hang of it. The coating should be moving quickly, in order to avoid thick layers or uneven coverage. So, it is better to use it for spot coverage first and then consider working over the entire area like loudest exhaust tip.

Durability of this layer has been a moot point. The wax which contains a higher percentage of carnauba is known to be more resistant, this ingredient ensures long lasting effectiveness. For example, a single bottle of aerosol, which is rich in carnauba, lasts longer and provides greater coverage with shine and long-lasting UV protection, than most other products.

Best brands to choose from

  • Eagle One wax-As-U-dry
  • NXT Spray Wax Meguiar car
  • Turtle Wax ICE, vaporizer
  • Optimal Wax Spray
  • EZ wax shine spray
  • Eco Touch Fast Wax
  • Turtle Wax ICE synthetic wax spray
  • Nanowax spray
  • DuPont spray wax
  • Griot Spray-On Wax Garage

With the growing popularity of these products, you can find a number of options in the market. Check out products from top brands and try them out during your next car detailing project. Also, consider the brands mentioned above and other top products according to various experts and consumer reviews.