Increased cases of deceit and cheats in relations have given more scope to the use of spy apps. 

Many times a question might come in your mind too. 

What is a spy app?

A spy app can also be called the new-gen of smartphone surveillance software. It not only allows you to track incoming and outgoing calls but can help you in tracking the messages and surroundings. It’s not only to catch the cheaters but you can also use it to check what your child is up to. The best part is you can do all this without letting the spied person know about it.

Are Spy Apps effective in 2020?

The answer to this is ‘YES’

Why we need such apps?

  • The increase in the use of the internet and popping up inappropriate content made the use of the internet dangerous for children. Therefore to protect the children, it has become the primary responsibility of parents to keep a track of all the activities they perform on the internet. 
  • The app will also send you an alert in case any of your personal information like bank details is hared without your child’s knowledge. 
  • Many times we purchase a product and our login details get saves with retailers. The child may sue it to but small things.
  • In case your child is bullying someone, you will be alerted and can stop your kid from doing such things.
  • Another use can be for office productivity as an employer can track what his employees do on the internet.

Choosing the best spy app

Although the internet is flooded with such apps and choosing the best and reliable one has become a difficult task. Many times a large number of app names confuse us and we end up choosing the inappropriate one. The Spyhuman for Android is one such app that is easy to use and yields good results. But still, there are many more.

To ease your search, here are some of the spy apps that are not only easy to use but are bound to yield results:

Spy Human for Android

This is one of the most reliable parenting control apps to protect your children from online threats. It helps you get up to date real-time data and back up all your data on our highly secured server. In case you lost your mobile, you get an instant SIM Change notification in your control panel. You also get 24 hours live support via emails and calls.

  • Hoverwatch

Talking about the cheapest android phone tracker, it’s Hoverwatch. This app provides basic tracking features like track the GPS location and spotting wi-fi signals with surroundings. right information along with map location and direction. This app supports Mac, Windows PC, and Android phones. 


The apps lack certain features like it is not supported for iPhone and iPads. Also, it does not alert you for every activity.

  • Flexispy

Do you know some applications can track the phone even when they are on hidden modes? 

Flexispy is one of them. It is one of the easy to use apps that provide complete GPS tracking applications. You will also get accurate location signals and complete GPS location information and route history in real-time. It also supports all the Android, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Mac OS.


  The app is expensive and has to be installed in the target device physically. Also, it doesn’t support iOS’ latest version.

  • Highster Mobile

If you have an Android phone then this app is for you. It provides you complete tracking information including incoming and outgoing text messages, knowing the exact location of device location, etc.


The app is expensive than other good spying apps.

  • iKey Monitor

If you are a parent whose kid’s phone activities require to be controlled or you an employer looking to track your employee’s activities on system or phone, then this app is for you. It will also let you control and block the inappropriate activities on adult content but will also let you keep an eye on the next part also. 


 This app requires root to track social media messenger. Talking about the price, the yearly plan is better as compared to the monthly plan.


It is among the most trusted monitoring app for those parents who are concerned about your children and for employers who want to track everything about their employees. This will let you check the complete search history of employees to check if they are spending more time on chats and other things like shopping. For parents, it is a very good way to check what their kids search online. This will help you to check if they are not becoming prey to any online scams. The app is compatible is Android devices, iPhone, and iOS powered devices.


This app does not have any disadvantages is in particular but sometimes people might take time to become used to with all the features.

  • Spizie

Spyzie is another next-gen device that is one of the best apps to be used for spying. The jailbreaking is not required as it can work with the cloud. It works perfectly with iPhones and Android mobile phones. 


Although the app is quite good but has only one disadvantage that it has to be installed physically with the device.


Although these applications are easy to use and do not require much technical knowledge, it’s you who has to choose depending on the phone you are using, the requirements, and your budget.