Do you own a Smartphone? You keep it covered with a phone case as you don’t want any scratches on it right? The new thing is that iPhone 12 or fewer owners do not like having a phone case on their phones. iPhone cases are now becoming the sign of showing ‘too careful to spill’ hence case fewer phones are more of a status symbol!.

As crazy as it gets, humanity is running after being a sign of being rich, no matter they are rich or not. Even when they are rich, they want to show it as well. iPhones were always a sign of money abundance, and people took it that way. They liked protecting their valuable asset from external wear and tear. But now as trends say, people are increasingly taking the idea of not having phone cases on their phones and showing their phones as slim as possible.

Companies have increasingly made their phones as slim as possible. The slim body of this detachable limb of ours, aka the smartphones, makes them even more of a pleasure to hold. This is why people want to enjoy the slim body of their phones and drop off the option of having a case on them.

But is it in favour of people? Well, companies have strived hard to make the phones as slim as possible. But along with that, they have also made the phones more prone to breaking. They make people enjoy the slim body of the phones they own, such as iPhone 12 or less and then end up breaking the screen or the back with a slight hit. This is why more people end up buying new phones if they don’t cover them. Hence a win-win for the company for sure.

Are you also a Smartphone owner and think that going backless aka case free be a good idea then make sure you have the Spiderman fingers to keep the phones sticking with your hands. The human body’s extension is now becoming a symbol of status, and you better maintain your status is? Either it is the money you judge yourself with, or you think you should keep the phone protected as breaking it is a heart attack we don’t want to suffer with.

Sure you can enjoy the slim body of your phone, but as these smartphones are very slim, they also have an increased chance of falling and dropping. Though the newer models of iPhones are easier to hold than the older versions such as the iPhone 12 case or x they are still prone to breaking.