Car decals are ideal add-ons to your vehicle to change its looks. There are many types of car vinyl decals available in the market, and you also have the option to make your custom vinyl decals. In addition, there are business owners and marketers who also make use of custom decals to share their messages, products, and services, as well as the business URLsor brand logos, etc. Once we have a custom-made vinyl decalin hand, it is important to ensure that you fix it correctly onto your vehicle to avoid any damagesor mistakes. Here is a step-by-step approach to applying car decals properly.

Step 1: Proper cleaning

Clean the surface- before you get too excited about applying your car decal. You have to scrub the surface well with a clean cloth to avoid any decal mess while applying. If you have mirrored the design and are trying to apply it from inside the window, you need to do the cleaning from the interior side. Make use of a microfiber cloth to give it a clean rub. If needed, you may usesoapy water and a cloth to do the cleaning process.

Step 2: Applying the decal

Applying the decal onto the window is the same as applying it first into the transfer paper. You can put the vinyl on the surface first to identify the dimensions before attending to the actual application.Make use of the masking tape to hold car decals in position. If it is a small decal, then you may fix it vertically and remove the packing paper and also slowly press it down to run it top to bottom. If it is a large decal, you may start by putting a piece of masking tape down to the center and then start from one side to the other by lifting the masking tape.

Step 3: Check for any bubbles.

Once you have applied the decal, next check for any air bubbles trapped inside the decal. If you find bubbles, there are a couple of options to consider.

  1. You can use a small pin to prick those off. However, you may usually have to wait a few weeks, and these may disappear on their own.
  2. You can also use a heat gun or a hairdryer to apply a little heat and get rid of those bubbles.

Removing the decals

If you have made a mistake and planning to remove the decals, you may try to heat the sticker up gently and then start peeling it off from one corner to the other. If the decal is applied onto the window, you can apply a small volume of isopropyl alcohol once it starts to lift,but donot heat the isopropyl alcohol. Also, if you are applying the decal to the paint, be careful that you do not use too much strong adhesive, which will cause the paint to come off when you try to remove it.

Be very careful making custom car decals and applying the same to avoid any damage to your vehicle.