Jackery offers a full lineup of the best portable power station that is equipped with improved battery technology.

They provide a variety of benefits and improvements that lithium-ion batteries do not, such as increasing the number of charge cycles by 4 to 5 times the number that a traditional lithium-ion battery is capable of.

1. Longer battery life

By using Jackery technology instead of opting for a traditional lithium-ion battery, our power stations are capable of handling 4 to 5 times more full charging cycles. This gives our power stations up to 2,000 charge cycles and a lifespan of approximately 10 years.

Most other portable power stations available on the market today utilize traditional lithium-ion batteries, which only offer a lifespan of around ~500 charging cycles.

2. Increased safety

Thanks to the improved thermal and chemical stability of Jackery portable power stations are much safer than traditional lithium-ion batteries. Compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries, Jackery batteries operate at much cooler temperatures.

In addition, Jackery batteries are also non-combustible during poorly managed periods of rapid charging or discharging, or during a short circuit. They do not typically experience thermal runaway, since the phosphate cathode is resistant to exploding or burning in the event of the battery overcharging or overheating.

Overview of portable power stations?

A portable power station is similar to a traditional generator, however it is powered by a rechargeable battery instead of gasoline or another standard fuel source. Portable power stations can be used to keep all of your equipment charged up while on the go or traveling in remote locations.

Most portable power stations are outfitted with a variety of ports, such as an AC outlet, DC outlet, and multiple USB ports. That means that no matter what device or connection type, a portable power station can keep it up and running, whether that’s a smartphone, laptop, camera, CPAP machine, mini coolers, or anything else in between.

How do they work?

Portable power stations convert DC power to AC power that is usable by your devices, like a laptop or smartphone. The portable power station collects power and energy through a DC input port from a solar panel or electrical outlet, then converts and distributes the power through the device’s various USB, AC, and DC ports.

How to choose an inverter

Choosing the right inverter is important because inverters are responsible for determining the system’s maximum operational power. So, how do you go about choosing the right inverter? There are two main options when it comes to inverters; central inverters or battery powered inverters.

Central inverters will only produce power during the hours that the panels are in full sunlight, which should be avoided. Instead, opting for a battery powered inverter generator is a much better choice. Battery powered inverter generators perform much better in instances of low light or temporary shade.

Great for camping and outdoor adventures

A portable power station makes an excellent addition to the gear you pack for a camping, boating, or tailgating adventure. Enjoy the convenience of charging your devices, powering televisions and refrigerators, and more.

Emergency preparedness

A portable power station can be a vital component to rely on in the event of an emergency. When the power goes out, a Jackery portable power station can help power critical devices like refrigerators, cell phones, radios, and more.

With top-notch protection against excessive heat, power surges, and short circuits, Jackery makes the best portable power station available on the market today.