While Las Vegas seems to be dominated by large hotel chains that make up the Strip in Las Vegas, there are actually numerous small business owners that are just as important to the city as well.

As a small business owner in Las Vegas, you will want to have a strategic plan to navigate the crazy, fast-paced, glitzy and at times overwhelming city.

Las Vegas is the most populous city in Nevada and is getting more and more new residents every month. This gives small business owners a grand opportunity to grow their brand awareness and reach new audiences if they execute their marketing strategy right.

That is why we have put together a guide on how small business owners can navigate Las Vegas and come up with the ultimate marketing strategy to grow the success of their business.

1. Utilize the Billboards

If you have ever touched down at the McCarren Airport and caught an Uber straight to your hotel on the strip, you will likely have seen the never-ending rows of las vegas billboards. They are some of the most creative billboards out there and with both foot traffic and car traffic allowing ample time for people to absorb billboard messaging, it is a great marketing asset to utilize.

2. Las Vegas is More than the Strip

While many people know Las Vegas for the Strip, it is important for small business owners to remember it is so much more than just that. While there is a melting pot of tourists that swam the Strip daily, there is also a much bigger part to Las Vegas that locals call home. There are just as many—if not more—billboard opportunities and other marketing assets small businesses can take advantage of in the greater area of Las Vegas. You just have to know what part of town makes sense for you to tap into.

3. You Can Stand Out Here

In Las Vegas, it is accepted and encouraged to stand out. And for small businesses to be remembered, it is important to find your point of difference and really embrace it. So find your niche and market the heck out of it—standing out is so important for small business owners in Las Vegas, otherwise, you just risk getting lost in the crowd.

4. Sport Loyalty is Big Here

If you are a small business owner wanting to engage with the residents of Las Vegas, then it is important to also engage with the newly established sports teams and stadiums in Las Vegas. While for the majority of Las Vegas’s history has never had any home teams of any sport, Las Vegas is now home to the NFL Raiders and the NHL Knights. Both teams have their own arenas and have amassed hundreds of thousands of local fans who loyally attend games to support them. Small businesses who are able to equally show their support for the home teams and offer their fans something unique and meaningful will likely win more long-term customers.

5. Drive Time is Long in Las Vegas

The average person in Las Vegas spends at least half an hour commuting to work each day. So making the most of marketing opportunities that engage with drivers—whether that be bus backs, billboards or street furniture—is a sure way to increase your brand awareness. We can’t recommend it enough, actually!

6.What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Have to Stay in Vegas

While the classic motto for Vegas encourages for what happens in Vegas to stay in Vegas, the same is not the case for small business owners in Las Vegas. They have a unique opportunity to tap into international audiences every day, all year long. So they really can dream big and have larger goals to one day grow their company to an international level as well. With all types of people visiting Vegas on a daily basis, you never know who might come across your brand and who you have the opportunity to impress.

As a small business owner in Las Vegas, you really can win the jackpot if you navigate the landscape correctly. It is all about finding your unique place in this crowded city, offering something special and making th most of having the chance to impress people from around the world on a daily basis. With Las Vegas being so much more than the Strip itself, you can grow your brand loyalty with visitors and residents alike.