If you’re considering adding a fish to your household, then you’re probably wondering what type of fish is best for you.

In this article, we’ll provide a beginner’s guide to betta fish, including information on how to care for them, how to feed them, and what to do if you have a betta fish that is sick. 

We hope this will help you make an informed decision about choosing the right fish for you and your family.

How to take care of a Betta?

Here are the best place to buy betta fish online and a few tips to help you take care of your Betta Fish:

  1. Provide a clean and healthy tank: The first and most important step is to provide a clean and healthy tank for your Betta Fish. Clean the tank every week by removing all the debris, water plants, and fish. Replace the water every two to three days.


  1. Feed your Betta Fish: Betta Fish need a diet consisting of fresh vegetables and fruits, vitamin-linked fish food, and occasional feedings of pellets or frozen vegetables. Feed your Betta Fish twice a day, morning and evening.


  1. Handle your Betta Fish with care: Be sure to handle your Betta Fish with care when feeding or cleaning the tank.

What does a betta fish need? 

A betta fish needs a tank that is about 2 gallons in size, with plenty of room to swim and hide. They also need a water filter and a specific type of substrate to live on. 

Betta fish are carnivores, so they need a food that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. They also like to have some floating plants or algae to nibble on.

How do you feed them? 

Betta Fish are lovely little fish that require a lot of care. One of the most important things you need to do is feed them properly. Here are some tips on how to feed your Betta Fish properly.

  • Betta Fish need small pieces of food that they can eat in a hurry.


  • You can feed them pellets, flakes, or live small fish like baby brine shrimp.


  • Make sure that the food you give them is finely minced so that they can easily digest it.

What kind of tank do you need? 

Betta fish are delicate fish that need the right environment to thrive. That means you need to get a tank that is specifically made for Bettas, with a layout that replicates their natural habitat. The size of the tank is also important, as bettas can grow to be quite large. 

Make sure to buy a filter and water conditioner, and add a few pieces of driftwood or plants to give your Betta a little bit of Nature in their home.

How to set up your tank for Betta?

Setting up your tank for Betta can be a daunting task, but it is worth it. Here are some tips to get started:

  1. Choose a tank that is the right size for your Bettas. Bettas can grow to be up to three inches in length, so make sure that the tank you select is large enough to accommodate them.


  1. Get your Betta someplace safe and comfortable. Your Betta should have a place to hide and relax, and the tank should be large enough for them to do so.


  1. Fill the tank with fresh water and add the appropriate amount of fish food.


  1. Decide on a light source and place it near the tank.


  1. Turn on the light and watch your Betta go wild.