Gel blasters are used in a wide range of military, police, and even civilian activities. A gel blaster holster is designed to safely carry a gel blaster or firing pistol on the user’s body while they run or engage in other strenuous physical activity. Choosing the best holster for your individual needs may be overwhelming and confusing. However, with our helpful guide below, you can find the best gel blaster holster for your needs.

8 Tips on Choosing the Best Gel Blaster Holster

1.  Size and fit

The size of the holster must be correct to ensure that it fits comfortably on the user’s body and maintains its tight fit when worn. Check out the size guide on your specific model gel blaster to make this decision easier. The guide should also help you know if your body shape fits into one of the standard sizes.

2.  Form and fit

The form and fit of a gel blaster holster should be correct, as this will ensure that it will be able to carry the amount of weight that the user may need. The holsters should also fit into the user’s body so that nothing will become uncomfortable for them while wearing them.

3.  Style

The gel blaster holster’s style is also essential, as some holsters are made from hard materials such as plastic or metal while others are softer, such as rubber materials. Both types of holsters have their benefits, as the hard plastic or metal holsters are often more durable and better at holding the gel blaster, it is designed for. On the other hand, softer holsters are generally easier to carry but may not be as durable. The user should consider what style they prefer and which will suit their requirements best.

4.  Color and finish

The color and finish of a gel blaster holster can impact the whole look of the entire holster, which is why it is essential to choose a color or finish that will complement the style and appearance of your gel blaster.

5.  Material

The material from which a gel blaster holster is made will play a significant role in its final feel, weight, and sturdiness. Durable quality holsters are generally made from heavy-duty materials such as plastic. However, this can sometimes mean that they are heavier and not as comfortable to wear. Soft holsters are often made from materials such as a durable grade of leather. It allows them to be much lighter and more comfortable to wear, but they may not be as durable.

6.  Extra features

Another thing that many people like about it is the extra features. There are many different extra features that a gel blaster holster could have. Some holsters will come with several features, such as a particular storage area for extra ammo or multiple carrying points for attaching it to a different gear. Other gel blaster holsters may have special features, such as holsters that can transform into a sheath and others designed to be attached to a belt or directly onto the user’s leg.

7.  Flexibility

The flexibility of a gel blaster holster will be necessary when choosing a specific model for your needs. For instance, some holsters come with an adjustable feature that allows the user to change the holster’s position to suit their needs. Another thing that could make a difference is the size or shape of your gel blaster. You will often see gel blasters of completely different sizes and shapes, which may require you to choose another gel blaster holster that has been specifically made for it.

8.  Additional features

Finally, anyone who is still unsure of what gel blaster holster to choose for their needs should look out for extra features which that specific model may have. Many holsters have different features, such as a locking mechanism or a belt clip. These features may not be that important to some people, but they could make a difference to others. It will be up to you to decide whether any of these extra features will be helpful to you.

A gel blaster holster is an essential accessory for both members of the military as well as civilians who use them. They were specially designed to carry and protect any gel blaster while being used in all physical activities. An excellent gel blaster holster will provide extra safety when working out or running alongside your friends. So, if you are looking for the perfect gel blaster holster, feel free to use our helpful guide below to help you find the best gel blaster holster for your needs.

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