In this article we look for the best places for expats to live.

  1. Turkey

Turkey ranks highly as one of the planet’s best countries for expats looking for growth both in a professional and cultural capacity. One of the main reason it’s ranking has shot up this year because of the ease of relocating to turkey. Last year Turkey failed to make it into the top 10 as a best country for expats but this year placed first for “ease of settling in” as well as most “welcoming community”. It also scored points for career progression and income plus kids have the opportunity for good schooling and making new friends with children from local families.

  1. Australia

A change of scenery can make you healthier – at least according to reports from participants in a survey in Australia. More than 50% of expats that have made their homes “down under” say that they are healthier in comparison to 35% on a global scale. Over three quarters of these participants also reported that the natural environment and ease of access to it was better than they had at home. This translates directly to a greater amount of time spent in the great outdoors. 

  1. New Zealand

New Zealand ranked fifth this year compared to second place last year. Expats say that the laid back lifestyle and extra free time after work to enjoy the activities available in the adventure capital of the world are a great attraction. What this leads to is a better quality of life which in turn results in a better psychological wellbeing than they were able to experience in their home countries. The survey measurements reveal that New Zealand consistently shines as offering the best work-life balance while providing a political environment that is stable. The high level of safety and security as well as friendly locals let expats feel like they want to stay forever.

  1. Spain

When deciding to relocate to another country, there’s much more to take into consideration than just a career path – especially if the family is going too. The psychological and emotional aspects of living in a foreign country and experiencing a new language and culture must be taken into account not to mention the challenges of schooling and childcare. Unless you move to Spain that is. There are few places that do it better than Spain when it comes to moving overseas with a family. The country currently ranks second for kids of expats taking into account education, schooling and making friends. The country’s climate and leisurely take on work (siesta time) ensures better mental and physical health for their own citizens. Expats will definitely enjoy a better quality of life by moving their family to Spain.

  1. Canada

Canada was the only country in North America to make it into the top ten – the U.S.A. only managed to rank 23rd. Canada is ranked first for quality of life which includes a politically stable environment, mental wellbeing and overall fulfillment. HBC’s survey showed that expats found the country to be the most tolerant and accepting of various races, genders, sexual orientation and religious faiths. The natural beauty of the country also deserves a mention for making Canada a favorite choice for expats.

  1. Singapore

The island-city of Singapore has consistently ranked 1st for 4 years and has historically been a choice for expats to live and work in even though it only ranked second this year. The city-state has one of the best education systems in the world making it the ideal choice for families. The country also ranks highly for the grown-ups with good job security and income growth. With all this going for it, who needs to mention the culinary delights that are served up at the local hawkers markets? Yet the food, including katong laksa, chili crab and char kway teow, are always mentioned as an attraction by expats.

  1. Switzerland

It isn’t that surprising that Switzerland took first place this year – the cleanliness, best ski resorts and the famous cheese and chocolate are just some of the reasons why it is considered to be the best place for expats to live and work. It’s also because everything seems to run so efficiently – like a Swiss timepiece – only a meager 1% of survey participants expressed any concern about the economy. While the country is home to two of the most expensive places to live on the planet, the pay scale reflects this and accounts for the high cost of living. The average salary of expats is an incredible $203,000 – that’s nearly twice the average for expats earnings across the globe. But it’s not just the money that matters and Switzerland offers a high level of education that participants in the survey say is much better than they could get back home.