Nowadays, the internet can make us feel like an expert in just about anything. You can learn how to make your own sourdough, improve your home with DIY projects, even fix your own phone screen– but should you? When it comes to phone screen repair, the answer is no! You should always turn to a professional, and only a professional, to fix a broken phone. If you’re not convinced, here are a few reasons you should leave this task to the real experts:

1.  They’re experts!

First and foremost, you should trust the experts because they’re the experts. People who repair phones for a living have been properly trained and know what they’re doing. Sure, it may be cheaper to try to fix the problem on your own or to pay your buddy who claims he knows what he’s doing, but the only way to ensure your phone is in the best possible hands is to take it to the professionals and let them handle the issue.

2.  You’re not an expert

The internet may allow you to feel like an expert in phone repair, but at the end of the day, your lack of expertise leaves lots of room for mistakes. There are a lot of risks involved in attempting to repair your own phone. If something goes wrong, you might make matters even worse, and you’ll probably be kicking yourself for not just bringing it into the store instead of treating it like a DIY project.

3.  They have professional tools

Since a phone repair shop is dedicated to fixing phones, they’re going to have the necessary tools that you likely don’t have in your own home. Your typical household tools may be able to do the trick, but they’re not meant to be used on phones. You’ll want to make sure your repair is being done with something that is specially designed for the job.

4.  They can replace your phone’s parts

Not only do professionals have special tools to fix your phone with, but they’ll also have the proper phone parts handy, should any of them need replacing. This is something you almost definitely don’t have lying around at home! While you may be able to find some parts online, it’s best to save yourself the hassle and bring your broken phone to a professional.

5.  Doing it yourself could void the warranty

If you end up needing to replace your broken phone with a new one, you may be in luck if it’s still under warranty. But not if you mess with it and try to fix it yourself– the manufacturer will be able to tell! Don’t cost yourself hundreds of dollars by attempting to do your own repair and making a bigger mess. Let a professional take care of it.

Find a professional phone repair company for help

Now that we’ve talked you out of your DIY phone screen repair, make sure to do your research and find a trustworthy, experienced team to handle it instead! They’ll have your phone working and looking like new in no time.