People occasionally claim they feel like they’ve been struck by a truck when they’re entirely weary or when they’ve been caught off guard by terrible news. They don’t mention they were hit by a car because car accidents happen all the time; practically everyone with a driver’s license has been in a fender bender. Because trucks are so large, it’s rare to collide with one, dismiss the incident as a minor irritation, and get on with your day. Instead, you require the services of a Corpus Christi truck accident injury attorney.

  1. Trucking companies are large to deal with as an individual

An 18-wheeler truck is roughly 20 times the weight of a vehicle. Therefore, in a collision involving a car, your chances of being seriously injured are substantially higher than in a crash involving two automobiles.

If you decide to sue the trucking firm that hired the driver who hit your automobile, you’ll need an experienced attorney on your side. Trucking firms have enough money to compensate you for your injuries, but they also have enough money to pay for legal representation so that they don’t have to. You are an underdog in a personal injury case if you do not have a personal injury lawyer on your side.

  1. Insurance companies do not offer enough compensation

“do not sign” is nearly a cliche in personal injury law. You may have even heard personal injury lawyers say this in television advertising, but what exactly does it mean? Insurance companies collect information from the drivers involved in an accident and analyze police reports and other evidence. They determine who is at fault and how much the other party should be compensated, and then they write you a letter offering you the right amount of compensation. You give up your right to sue over the accident if you sign the offer letter.

Even if the sum offered by the insurance company appears to be substantial, you should seek legal advice from a truck accident attorney before signing anything. In addition, because injuries can take time to develop, you should wait to settle your claim until you know the full degree of your damage.

  1. You will not have to worry about uttering the wrong thing

When an accident causes significant damage, you may receive many calls from insurance companies asking for additional information. Hence, this can be worrisome because you’re worried that what you say will lead the insurance adjusters to believe you’re to blame for the accident. When you have no idea what happened, a competent adjuster will persuade you to say the wrong thing on purpose. It’s considerably more stressful if you’re also dealing with significant injuries and the associated financial losses. If you have hired a lawyer to represent you in your truck accident lawsuit, inform everyone who calls to contact your lawyer.

  1. There Could Be More to the Story Than the Truck Driver’s Error

According to Corpus Christi law, you have the right to demand compensation from any party whose negligence caused the accident in which you were subject to injuries. It would help if you established that this party owed others a duty of care not to endanger them and that they failed to fulfill that responsibility by creating unsafe conditions.

For the same accident, some injured individuals file claims against many defendants.

  1. A Truck Accident Attorney can Assist You in Recovering Non-Economic Damages

There’s a chance the insurance company will provide you with a large enough payout to cover all of your accident-related medical expenses. However, do not sign even if they do. Even if your medical bills are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, your damages in connection with the accident are far more. If you file a truck accident lawsuit, you may be eligible to receive damages for lost wages due to your inability to work following the accident.

Have you been injured in a Corpus Christi truck accident?

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