No wonder, when one goes for buying a new car, they look for the model, brand, color, engine capacity, tyres, side mirror designs, headlight design, and many other features. However, one of the essential parts that many tend to forget is the tail light of the car. It is one of the most neglected and overlooked visible parts of a car. There are various features that one needs to know about tail lights that are discussed below.

Tail Lights and its importance

Tail light is the most vital part of the car at the rear end that prevents your car from getting slammed from the back by other vehicles. With its presence on the car’s rear end, it makes sure that it makes it presence felt to the pother drivers Taillights beautify the rear portion of the car with its amazing shape, size, and dimension. They are always supposed to be red in color at the rear portion of the car. Whenever the headlights are switched on, the taillights too get on. Defective or faulty tail lights are the major contributor to the number of road accidents during the night time with rash driving grabbing the top spot.

Purpose of Tail Light

Tail lights are generally connected to the same wire and switch that puts on the head light. This makes it easy for the driver. While driving during dim or dark hours, any vehicle behind your car can spot your vehicle by red tail light from a distance. The drivers are trained to judge the distance between the two cars and drive accordingly for a safe drive. Tail lights are smaller in size compared to the brake lights. The prime aim of the tail light on the rear side of the car is to notify its presence to the drivers behind your vehicle and avoid any sort of collision. As they are wired with a headlight switch, the driver does not have to put an extra effort on switching the tail light separately.

Tail light vs Brake light

Many people still confuse the tail light with the brake lights. As both types of light are present in the rear sides of the car and are generally red in color, they have a different purpose to solve. Tail lights are installed to notify other drivers about the presence of the car in motion during an impaired vision, while the brake lights are used to notify them that the car has been stopped.

Different varieties of Tail Lights

Tail lights, even though are used for a simple purpose occupying a very small space on the rear sides, customers are demanding tail lights with more features installed. Tail lights come in different shapes depending on the car model, and the size allotted to them in the rear area. They may be of round, oval, or any other shape. Overall, all sorts of tail lights of a car can be classified into three varieties.

LED based tail Lights: They are in high demand as they not only save energy but also last longer compared to regular lights. They are also cost-effective and lasts long in comparison with other forms of tail lights.

Xeon Tail Lights: Few cars also have Xeon based tail lights. They have bulb of higher intensity and deliver bright and strong light. They are still in use for long because they do use filament based bulb but use an arc based mechanism.

Halogen based Tail Lights: These are one of the oldest component still used in many cars. They produce bright light. However, as they are very small in size, power consumption is not an issue.

Tail lights – The first step towards safety

As the tail lights are present in the car rear’s side and bright red in color, they are noticeably visible during an impaired vision, during darkness, fog, or even during rain. It helps the drivers to ascertain the distance of the car in front and maintain the speed in order to avoid any sort of collision. One must not neglect the defective tail light and shall be repaired at the earliest. One shall avoid to drive the car with problematic tail lights during evening and night times or at times when visibility is not at its best. 


We can easily say in spite of the tail light being neglected and was never paid attention to by the buyer of the car, the scenario is changing. The different shapes and sizes of tail lights add an appealing look to the overall appearance of the mechanical beauty to show off. Buyers are now even opting for customized tail lights are willingly replacing the factory installed tail lights with one of their own choices. Even during the promo ads of new cars, manufacturers have started to highlight the designer tail lights to lure customers. No matter what, tail lights have played an integral part in car safety and preventing accidents.