Most individuals are struggling to make their household organize and clean. A good path that you should take in making your home better is to try different ideas from people who have more experience in managing. This article will show you some of the easy home storage solutions you can use for your home to be more spacious than before and how to organize your stuff effectively.

Installing Some Tension Rods In Your Cabinet

Every household uses cabinets to manage clothes effectively. However, you can elevate the way you organize your cabinets for the better. When installing some tension rods in your cabinet, you are making more rooms for the cabinet itself to store more stuff inside. If you have open-type cabinets, this can also be a great way to prevent the items from falling.

One of the easy home storage solutions is a combination of tension rods in your cabinet and using some hooks to create additional options on how you can store your stuff. Some examples of the things that you can store with hooks are shoes. However, the best way to maximize a tension rod’s usefulness is to use it with hangers to hang your clothes better.

Using Hooks Inside The Cabinet Doors

We have mentioned above that tension rods and hooks are a good combination in creating more space in your cabinets as most individuals hate to hang their kitchen essentials in a wide-open area. You can hide them inside the cabinet doors and use a hook to organize them properly. Using hooks inside the cabinet doors is one of the best solutions to gain more space for your kitchen.

A good point on why you should hide your kitchen essentials inside the cabinet door is to reduce accidents, especially if we are talking about fragile items and knives. Remember to lock your cabinets to avoid unnecessary access from your children, resulting in your kitchen essential to break or cause an accident.

Hang Your Garden Tools In Garage

One of the best ways to store your garden tools is to hang them in your garage. When hanging your garden tools into your garage, you are saving some floor space that can be useful for other things you want to store. This can also be a great way to avoid accidents as your garden tools are highly stored on the walls, making them inaccessible by children.

Doing this kind of storage idea is one of the best things you can do for your garage. This can elevate how your garage looks and having those garden tools organized makes your garage better looking. Ensure that those garage tools are adequately hung and stored because they fall in some instances, which might cause severe damage or accidents.

Recycle Your Tissue Box For Plastic Bag Storage

Recycling your tissue box and making them plastic bag storage is another brilliant way of storing your plastic bags. When you are using a tissue box for plastic bag storage, you can save up some money because you are recycling used items, and at the same time, you are helping the environment from getting polluted.

When you are storing your plastic bags, the main goal is to keep all of those plastic bags in a single spot. Hence, putting them in a used tissue box is a great way to maximize every possibility of how you can store your items. This is one of the ideas that make your home better and the environment hitting two birds with one stone.

Use A Hanging Fruit Basket For Other Purposes 

Another good home storage idea that can be an excellent addition to your household is using your hanging fruit basket for other purposes. You can think outside the box and use this as an alternative for a storage solution inside your bathroom. Think about how you can quickly grab your shampoo, soap, and other bathroom essentials when you have this inside your bathroom.

You can also use this as a design inside your bathroom to freshen things up. You can put some plants or use this as a towel holder. Make sure to expand the way you want to use this hanging fruit basket to better your home.


These are some of the best storage ideas you can use to make your home clean and organized. Make sure to use the storage ideas that best suits your needs. Some of it might worsen and change the way you do things inside your house. Keep in mind that these are merely advice and ideas for every household out there.