Coal mining is considered to be the most difficult and dangerous profession around the world. Annually thousands of patients lose their life while extraction of the ore and other processes. For saving these precious lives, different advancement is taking place especially in the sector of technology that can be introduced in this sector. Following are the latest technologies that are being introduced in it and are helping in saving the lives of the human.


Mining has always been a difficult task for humans and a lot of humans sacrifice their precious life while working in this field. For this many advancements have been made to secure human life. And the latest technologies are playing a major part in it. Drones contribute a lot to it. The research gaps are now being filled due to drones.  You can easily examine the entire mine with the help of a drone. Not only this, the technology of drones also saves a lot of time.

Therefore, most of the industries are majorly targeting drones for the better outcome of their industry.

Robotic drills

It is said that robots will take over the industry as time goes on. In the mining sector, it is actually in the form of implementation. Robotic drills are now being done and people are using robots for drilling purposes. With these now, human lives are more secured and mining is done in a better way. The human cost is reduced and so is the time required for doing a job is collapsed. So, robotic drills are playing a major part in it and helping in securing precious life.

Self-driving ore carriers

The carrying of ores was the most difficult task done after its extraction. For this, a lot of manpower was necessary for the form of a vehicle or in any other. For this now self-driving ore carrier introduced which help in the carrying the ores easily and properly. These self-driving ores are completely automated and programmed in such a way that you don’t need to guide them, and they work for you. In mining, these self-driving ore carriers are playing a major part and helping humans in carrying the ores from one place to another.

Robotic assistance

Everywhere humans needs assistance from robots either it is about teaching or serving in restaurants. Robots playing an important part in our daily lives, but the point is robots are not just defined as physical existence, these can be your daily use software as well as helping you in your daily life.

When we talk about robotic assistance in the mining sector, so it is of both types. It can be in the form of using artificial intelligence or in the form of using a self-driving car or a robot carrying heavy materials from here to there. Life becomes just easy with the help of robotic assistance. The biggest Israeli Miner Dan Gentler also uses all these techniques to expand his business properly.