In 2015, the Oxford Dictionaries proclaimed Emoji as the word of the year. What does it really mean to use emojis in our everyday lives these days? Well, using these cute, creative, and colorful symbols make our social media lives fun and filled with life. Over the years, the emojis have outgrown just a smiley face. It is now a pool of different elements including animals, plants, people, and other symbols.

Emojis are not limited to the common elements. Let us take the heart emoji as an example. The most common heart we know is the red one, right? But we can incorporate other heart colors, with deeper and significant meanings. It is unlikely to use the orange, green, yellow, and brown heart emoji characters every day, but once you get to know their meanings, you will start to use them more often.

Here Are 4 Different Colored Heart Emojis and Their Significant Meanings

1.   Brown Heart Emoji

The brown is the less commonly used heart among the emoji along with some unusual heart colors. In 2020, the brown heart emoji was recorded as the least popular emoji used on Twitter. It is most likely because not a lot of people know what the brown heart emoji is for. This emoji can also be used as a symbol of friendship and close ties with other people. Moreover, the brown heart is used to embrace different racial identities. It is used among online social media campaigns to raise awareness and fight against racial discrimination.

The Black Lives Matter Movement is the perfect example of a campaign that continues to raise awareness on racial discrimination, especially against African-Americans. The Brown heart emoji is used alongside the black heart emoji. You can now show your support in fighting against racial discrimination using the brown heart emoji.

2.   Green Heart Emoji

The green heart emoji is a vibrant shade of green that will surely brighten anyone’s mood. It may be quite unusual for others to have a green heart, but the meaning of it will surely touch your heart. Simply, anything green symbolizes plants, trees, mountains, and other elements in nature.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our busy lives have been taken away. It allowed us to appreciate outdoor nature even more and realize how important it is to take care of other living things. Hence, the rise of online environmental campaigns that usually includes the green heart emoji from the organizers and its supporters. It does not only support campaigns and events, but it also acknowledges the hard work of environmentalists.

Moreover, the green heart emoji is also a common reference to Ireland and Irish culture especially during Saint Patrick’s day alongside its flag, beer, and the leaf clover emoji.

3.   Yellow Heart Emoji

In 2020, the yellow heart emoji was one of the favorite emojis to use on Twitter, but the use of this emoji dates way back when Snapchat was a huge hit. The messaging allows you to send pictures and videos to friends called Snaps. When a yellow heart emoji appears next to a username, it means that you exchange snaps frequently. It then made the yellow heart a symbol of friendship and bond between social media friends. It is also associated with happiness and positivity which is the true meaning of friendship.

You can also use the yellow heart emoji to describe nature like flowers, sunshine, and the warmth that other living beings can bring.

4.   Orange Heart Emoji

The Orange Heart emoji is as vibrant as the yellow and green heart emojis which you also associate with happiness and positivity. Different things can actually be associated with the color orange like autumn, flowers, and nature.

Orange is also commonly associated with sports teams like the New York Knicks,  Philadelphia Flyers, and New York Mets. You can use this emoji to show your support for your favorite sports teams since sporting events are slowly coming back.

Moreover, the color orange can also be associated with one of the favorite holidays to celebrate, Halloween. There may be other emojis that are more related to Halloween like the ghost, pumpkin, and different monsters but a lot of people are already including the orange heart emoji to the list, along with the black heart emoji of course.


Emojis indeed contribute to our creativity and social media lifestyle especially when communicating with our loved ones and family, or even getting a message across for the public to see. The emojis we have today are diverse and there is bound to be an emoji for almost any context. Who knew that there would be different colored hearts beside the common red one, right? You can now use the different colored hearts to show love and support for other things besides romantic love. There is love in friends, family, animals, and nature. Thankfully, we can express them through vibrant and bright-colored emojis. If you want to know more about the other emojis in store for you, make sure to check out and browse through all emojis available. You will never know what emoji you might need next time around!