Been demanded to recruit a skilled sales team? Well, it’s a huge responsibility because sales professionals are usually the first ones to represent the company and leave a positive impression. Let us be the first ones to tell you that recruiting new sales teams is not as hard as it sounds if you are willing to re-evaluate your recruiting policy. So, if the responsibility has come to your shoulders, take a deep breath and 

  • Meet the candidates in person, try arranging all interviews on the same day
  • Look for the skills, not experience 
  • Pass the candidates through a scenario-based test 

Meet in person, call all interviewees on the same day

Recruiting a sales team is a huge responsibility that can not afford mistakes. The time has changed, you should not hire a sales professional on anyone’s recommendation. Try meeting all candidates in person. It’s even better to dedicate a day to interviews. Arranging all interviews on the same day would make the comparison and selection easy.

Appreciate skills, not experience

Even though the world has evolved, we still are afraid of handling the project to inexperienced or newly qualified individuals. It’s time to change the mindset if you are aiming to recruit a perfect sales team. So, while interviewing the candidates do check the experience letters but test the skills as well. Handle the job to the most skilled person, not the experienced one. Most sales jobs Chicago require candidates to be skilled and experienced. If you can find skills and experience both in one person, do not hesitate to hire. 

Test the candidates with a scenario-based test

You can shortlist the few candidates and pass them through a scenario-based test. It’s better to gather all the possible options in one room and ask them to give their opinion one by one. It would make it easier for you to judge, who should be and who should not be a part of your sales team. Ask your existing sales team to help you up in coming up with realistic sales scenarios to judge the interviewees’ skills. The skilled candidates may not answer all the questions well but you would still be able to recognize the coal and a diamond. 

You can also double up the interviews, by doubling up the interviews we mean, attending two or three interviewees at the same time. It is also suggested to list your requirements clearly so you get to interview the skilled sales professionals only. 


Recruiting a new sales team is a huge responsibility that demands you to be super judgmental. Hiring well-polished sales professionals are important as they not only represent the company but build the company’s image as well. Be clear about your requirements, state your requirements straightforwardly to get to interview the skilled individual only. To appoint the right person for the sales jobs, it is suggested to meet each candidate in person, arrange all interviews on the same day, look for the skills, not experience, and pass the candidates through a scenario-based test to test the skills and knowledge.