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3 Signs You Should Start Using Suppositories

Suppositories: they might seem like an intimidating, unknown thing to you, but if you’re willing to try them out, they just might become your new favorite product. However, suppositories are not for everyone, so it is essential to determine if suppositories are right for you. Are you experiencing particular pains that might be lessened by using suppositories? Has sex become more and more painful to you? We are here today to help you with these questions by giving three signs that you should start using suppositories. By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to say goodbye to traditional pain relief medications and hello to all-natural suppository options. 

What are Suppositories? 

Before we jump into the signs that you should start using suppositories, we first have to answer the basic question of “What are suppositories?” While doing this, let us paint a picture for you. Take a traditional pill that is ingested orally, for example. You swallow the pill which then travels to your stomach where the active ingredients are released and then through your intestines which continue to digest the pill. This single pill has to travel through the entirety of your digestive system in order to release its active ingredients fully. Now, a suppository is just like one of these pills we have just described, except for two major differences: first, it is put into an orifice of the body (such as the vagina or rectum), and second, it completely dissolves where it is placed. Suppositories are typically used by people who are incapable of swallowing traditional pills or people taking medications that would not be digested well by their stomachs. 

After reading this description, suppositories still might seem pretty scary to you. If so, that is totally okay. There is a big learning curve to adjust to when you start using suppositories for the first time. If you commit yourself to learning how to use suppositories, you’ll quickly get used to them and not be intimidated anymore. Now, let’s move on to the specific signs that you should start using this unique product. 

1. You Have Bad Menstrual Cramps 

One major sign that you should consider using suppositories is that you suffer from bad menstrual cramps. Menstrual pain is extremely prevalent; according to a survey-based research study, 84.1% of women reported experiencing some sort of menstrual pain, with 41% of women reporting menstrual pain during every cycle. Clearly, combatting menstrual cramps is a big task, which is where suppositories come in, specifically CBD suppositories. Research has found that CBD treatment is a viable option for acute pain relief, which means that it might be helpful in keeping you comfortable during your menstrual cycle. CBD suppositories can be inserted directly into the vagina when combatting menstrual cramps, so all the effective ingredients will be right where you want them to be. 

2. Intimacy is Painful for You 

Another sign that it might be time to start using suppositories is that act of intimacy is a painful experience for you. Please keep in mind that if being intimate becomes too painful for you to bear, please see your local doctor before trying treatment options on your own. Seeing a doctor could reveal if there are any underlying conditions to treat to help with the pain. Otherwise, CBD suppositories are a great alternative treatment option to consider to potentially help relieve pain during intimacy. The CBD within CBD suppositories can contribute to less inflammation and an overall more pleasurable experience. A great thing about CBD suppositories is that they can be inserted in either the vagina or rectum, so no matter how you like to get it on, you can use CBD suppositories to give you the most comfortable experience possible. 

3. You Want More Natural Ingredients 

The third sign that you should be using suppositories is that you want to treat your body using more natural ingredients. Many pills and other orally-ingested medications have extremely unnatural ingredients, many of which have insufficient research regarding their long-term side effects. If this concerns you and you’d rather stick to ingredients that come from the earth, then consider yourself lucky that there are many natural options for suppositories. CBD suppositories typically use natural, all-organic materials, but make sure to double-check the ingredients list before committing to one product. Your body will be glad you did. 


In summary, here are the three biggest signs that you should start using suppositories: 

  • You have bad menstrual cramps
  • Intimate relations is painful for you 
  • You want more natural ingredients 

We hope this article was helpful in showing you whether or not suppositories are right for you. Make sure to always consult your healthcare practitioner before trying new treatments. The well-being of your body and health is our top priority, and they should be yours, too, so consider making your body feel better with suppositories.