The Rolex Company has been a staple in the watch industry for decades. They design their watches with precision and style, but not just because they have great aesthetics- these qualities come from how much care goes into every detail on each model.

One of the most popular watches from Rolex, The Cosmograph Daytona Watch, is designed specifically with race car drivers in mind. Since 1963, this watch has gone through a number of changes to keep up with current trends and generations. At first, it was just known as “Paul Newman,” but now there are collectors all around the world who have an appreciation for vintage pre-Daytona models too!

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona “Rainbow” 18ct Everose Gold Automatic Black Dial Diamonds Unisex Watch 116595 RBOW

You’ll be the life of the party when you show up to your next soiree in this watch! With its round case made from Everose gold and encrusted with tiny white diamonds, it will outshine all other watches. You won’t have any trouble telling time on its dials because they’re protected by a sapphire crystal that’s sure to keep them looking good for years and decades ahead.

This Rolex Daytona is a rare and exquisite watch that pushes all the limits of elegance with its 18-carat solid yellow gold case. The unique shape makes it stand out in any room or setting and will surely have heads turning when you wear this luxurious timepiece!

The Cosmograph Daytona has an astounding price tag for true collectors – $449,999, to be exact. This luxury piece features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal face framed by three chronographs on one side as well as two subdials at 6 o’clock on the other side with red accents adding just enough color to make your wrist pop while wearing these classy watches.

The Rolex Rainbow Dial Watch is a gorgeous timepiece that will catch your eye! The black face features diamond indexes of the rainbow colors to reflect individual style and taste, while the bezel is encrusted with diamonds for an elegant look only found in high-end watches like this one. With three subdials which indicate 24 hours as well as seconds, minutes, and hour markings all done up in luminous gold color just like everything else on the dial!

This Rolex watch will never lose power, and it has a 72-hour reserve system to keep ticking in case the battery dies.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Eye of the Tiger Automatic Yellow Tone Dial Diamond Indexes and Bezel Men’s Watch 116588TBR

This Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is a one-of-a-kind, very expensive timepiece. It has a round case made with 18k yellow gold and measures 40mm across and 12.40 mm high, to be exact! The watch features scratch-resistant sapphire crystal on both the front as well as back, so you can admire your investment years down the road without worrying about discoloration or quality degradation due to exposure!

This watch is not only gorgeous but it’s also made from 18k yellow gold – which guarantees a luxurious experience wherever you wear or display it!

The Rolex Women’s Watches come in three sizes with a stainless steel case, 18-karat gold bezel, and indexes. It also offers up to 3 subdials which are made of either gold or stainless steel, that can provide you time for any event through your automatic movement!

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Platinum Diamond Pave Dial Men’s Watch 116576TBR

Rolex’s most expensive and durable watch ever is the Cosmograph Daytona series. The 2013 model released was a whopping $150,629 with an all platinum case measuring 40mm round. This particular Rolex features a 12.40 mm height which provides maximum protection from scratches on this premium timepiece!

This Rolex watch has been made out of platinum, just like its casing materials that also happen to be durable. To ensure security, they have included both metal bands that are entirely from this material!

Additionally, this watch is an elegant timepiece that includes blue point indexes and sword-shaped hands. The three subdials are light in color to match the rest of this beautiful Rolex, which also has a high-quality frequency with 44 jewels! This water-resistant piece can go up to 100 meters deep for those who like getting wet on land or sea.


Rolex watches are a beautiful investment that will never go out of style. For one thing, their design is easy to recognize and has an iconic look you can’t miss. More importantly, though, Rolex spends time perfecting innovations for the future, so they’re always ahead of other brands in terms of technology.