Many of us use social network, Facebook, on a daily basis. The reason is that it offers us entertainment – videos, news, tips for various products or tips to do, interactions with other people and so on. The best part is that it’s free. So, is it actually free? This is not really the case and it is just an illusion that it is free. The why, is we pay for Facebook with specific information about ourselves and at the same time we are also “selling” to advertiser. This 3 famous people from tech industry has left the Facebook in past. Look on reasons why.

Brian Acton left The Facebook after scandal Cambridge Analytica

Brian Acton is the man behind the creation of WhatsApp, which was sold to Facebook in 2014, but he continues to work on the development of this popular communication platform. In 2017, he left the company to work on the Signal project. In March 2018, he showed that he was leaving the social network Facebook. He informs the public about it through a short and concise status in which he wrote: “It is time. #deletefacebook

Why did he decide to delete his account from the social network? He did so after the Cambridge Analytica scandal erupted. It was a huge scandal where information about tens of millions of users was misused without their knowledge. This information was used to modify advertising for political entities. Just for fun, Acton is currently leading the Signal project. In its basic idea of ​​a service similar to WhatsApp, but with one big difference, it does not collect user data.

“People think they have a certain level of privacy that they don’t really have.”

Stewe Wozniak is another figure in the technological world who has decided to delete his Facebook. He did so in 2019 and decided why he decided to do so was a privacy concern. By the way, this is the man who stood at the founding of Apple.

“I am afraid of everything. But you don’t think you can suffer. He added, “I’m afraid because you have conversations that you think are private.” You say words that shouldn’t be listened to because they’re waiting. People think they have a certain level of privacy that they should actually have… ”. Said Wozniak.

“Enormous power in the hands of one man”

It was written in February 2020 and one of the greatest visionaries of the time, Elon Musk, removed his account from the largest social network in the world. Elon Musk has joined the “DeleteFacebook” initiative. The reason for this move was the fear that one man was checking the information of almost 2.5 billion other people.

Among other things, Musk went even further, deleting his key pages of SpaceX or Tesla, which you will not find on the social network today.

How are you, have you ever considered deleting your account, or have you already done so? Let us know below in the comments.

But privacy is not just about social gigants, it also about mobile apps, which are collecting enourm information. In this cas does not metter, if you have Samsung, Xiaomi phone or different one. It is about apps. For example, if you are interested, which data are collecting by apps, you can try Exodus app which will show you.What do you think about this kind of collecting information? It is correct or not? Let us know.