There is no getting around: the pandemic left millions of workers suddenly performing their jobs from the comfort of their own homes. Working from home may be commonplace for some, but for others, it is an incredible challenge.

While working from your bed and watching the Price is Right seems appealing at first, not having a conducive workplace can be detrimental to your productivity. Even more so, it might feel out of reach to set up your own workspace if your apartment isn’t equipped for it. Or maybe you had to experience a pay-cut as a result of the ongoing pandemic and can’t imagine investing in an entire work space for your apartment.

So, how is one to stay productive when it is so easy to head into the kitchen every 15 minutes for a procrastination snack? Luckily, there are tons of ways to create a budget-friendly workspace to maximize productivity and to help normalize the concept of working from home. Here are a few:

Choose DIY Projects

You don’t need to spend a fortune on fancy office supplies to create a proper workspace. In fact, you may have all you need in your apartment right now. For example, if you want to stay organized, old wire frames can serve as boards for pinning reminders, and everyday kitchen items like old cheese graters can help you store pencils and pens. Take a look around your space and take inventory on the “junk” that you own. Most of this junk may not be as useless as you think. Plus, with all this newfound freetime we have by opting to stay inside, indulging in a new craft can feel satisfying.

Still looking for ideas? Thanks to the internet, there are hundreds of DIY projects to choose from. Websites like Pinterest offer plenty of fun, creative options to help you maximize your space.

See If Your Workplace Has Anything Extra

A lot of businesses are being extremely lenient with working from home, especially given that it’s probably not the environment that you opted into when accepting the job. They want to make sure that your personal workspace is optimized to your liking.

With that in mind, consider asking to borrow office supplies from your employer. Some jobs might even let you borrow their furniture and allow you to take your favorite office chair home. As long as the office is not being occupied, businesses are usually more than willing to comply. Just make sure you return it when everything goes back to normal!

Paint your Walls

A huge contributing factor for your dwindling productivity could be the neutral tones that plague your apartment. Before taking on this task, do check with your apartment complex to see what is allowed and what isn’t in terms of modifying your space. If you are allowed to change the wall color, opt into a light-toned option, like yellow. A nice, pale yellow brings out feelings of joy and comfort and can help you focus better.

Plus, if you’re living in a smaller space, entire rooms can often be painted using just a small sample. Paint and hardware stores offer samples of each color, so you won’t need to purchase entire gallon paint cans.

Make Your Work Space Your Own

Setting up a work space in your home that is separate from your bed can have lasting effects on the work that you perform. It may seem intimidating or daunting to set up a workstation, but it can very well increase your productivity and lead to an overall happier work experience.