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What is 10k Everyday? Is 10k Everyday Legit? How does it work? Is it a good investment option? These are just some of the questions that people have about the 10k Everyday Trading system. While it is a popular platform in many countries, there are still many doubts about what 10k Everyday really is.

10k Everyday is an automated software for trading with two modes – automated and manual. With the help of its unique algorithms and intelligence, it identifies profitable trades in both modes. 

Prepare to dive in and learn more about 10k Everyday and what makes it one of the best investment options.

What Exactly Is 10k Everyday?

10k Everyday is an auto trading software that is designed to make profits every day. The platform consists of experienced binary investors. It comes with a money-back promise of 2 months and a free application.

The software has been making profits consistently. It has been reported that it has lost only one day in more than 1342 trading sessions. The platform is very easy to access, and you do not need to have deep knowledge on the subject to start using it.

10k Everyday is present in 160 countries across the world. While the trading machine doesn’t lose overall, a tiny proportion of its high-speed transactions are losses. However, the profits vastly outnumber the losses. 

The trading system uses its state-of-the-art infrastructure and high-speed computers to buy currency, assets, and even futures, that it sells in financial markets. This phenomenon is carried out throughout daily sessions based on algorithms.

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Features Of 10k Everyday

10k Everyday is an outstanding trading platform for those looking to earn some serious money. It has some fantastic features that make it a convenient platform.

Safety & Security

Privacy and security are given the top priority at 10k Everyday. It is secured by SSL (https). All the brokers on the platform are duly verified. 10k Everyday does not compromise on the safety of its users.

Trading Indicators

You will find 6 of the most popular trading indicators on 10k Everyday. They also feature seven different time frames. Users get the chance to examine a wide array of trading signals.

Automated Trading

10k Everyday offers an automated trading mode, often referred to as “Trading Robot”. In this mode, the software automatically opens trades based on the indicator signals.


10k Everyday works on all computers and laptops, whether they are Apple products or run on Windows. It can also be downloaded onto your smartphone, both Android and iOS, free of cost. 

Multiple Daily Signals

Users receive an average of 21 and 97 trading signals every day. These signals are good enough for earning quick profits daily.


10k Everyday has an average of 89% winning weeks and up to 60% daily return on investments. The system is fully transparent with its profits and losses. It has lost only once in 1342 trading sessions.

Users often earn up to twice their investment in the initial 8 hours of trading. Additionally, most users make a profit on their first day of trading.

Where Can You Use 10k Everyday?

10k Everyday can be accessed on w web browser with any PC, be it a MacBook or a Windows-supported laptop. The website is highly intuitive and convenient. 

If you don’t have the patience to check your PC all the time, we have good news for you! 10k Everyday has a smartphone application as well. It works on both iOS and Android. However, you can only have access to these apps once you have created your account and deposited the minimum amount.

Registration Process

10k Everyday is accessible across more than 160 countries. The registration process is pretty straightforward and takes only a few minutes of your time. It is entirely beginner-friendly, and you can earn profits without investing in learning about trading.

The platform verifies the details of all of the users signing up. You will be required to verify your identity along with your address on the partner broker’s page. Since all of the partner brokers are regulated in the US, Australia, South Africa, and the UK, users need to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) measures.

Once you’re registered, you can simply go through the 10k Everyday trading manual. You can also watch their video tutorials and figure out how the platform functions. All new users get a specific account manager. The manager is responsible for guiding users through the initial steps of trading and steering them in the right direction.

Step-By-Step Registration Process

Let us quickly run through the steps for opening an account on 10k Everyday. The process is quick and simple.

  1. Clear your cookies and open the official 10k Everyday website.
  2. Watch the video guide to get a clear idea.
  3. Fill in and submit the form provided on the sign-up page. You will be directed to the app interface.
  4. Click on the deposit button. You will be redirected to the deposit page on your broker.
  5. Add funds to your trading account.
  6. Click on “Start Auto Trading” to begin trading in the automated mode. You can open trades manually as well.

Lastly, start making profits!

Deposits & Fees

You need to deposit a minimum of $250 to fund your 10k Everyday account. You can make these payments via any e-wallet, wire transfer, credit or debit cards, or even crypto-wallet. There is no additional fee for making a deposit.

All the deposits are facilitated on the underlying broker’s page, as they place orders. You need not be worried about the safety of your deposits as the brokers are regulated on a continual basis.

There are no hidden or additional fees for deposit or withdrawal. You will not be asked for any license fee as well. However, you are expected to pay a commission of 2% on all profits made with 10k Everyday. This commission is then shared with the brokers.

How does 10k Everyday Work?

The 10k Everyday software helps people in making profits off bitcoin turbulence. Their trading application is powered by blockchain and AI technologies for transparency. It offers a highly lucrative trading environment.

Users do not have to invest their productive hours in trading. The trading robot executes the transactions automatically.

Live Trading On 10k Everyday

The training guide and video tutorials on the official 10k Everyday website break down and simplify the entire process. All you have to do is set the Stop Loss and Take Profit features based on how much you are willing to risk and click on the “Live” button.

The software employs advanced AI Algorithms to run trading research at high speed and accuracy. The robot executes the derived signals 0.001 seconds in advance to the markets. This process ensures a high rate of winning.

Is 10k Everyday Legit?

The 10k Everyday website and app are tried and trusted platforms. Their numbers are checked by lawyers and accountants. They are also submitted for review by the Securities Authority of the Japan and USA stock exchanges.

All of their partner brokers operate under strict regulatory watch. They always work with complete transparency. Even some experts have recognized 10k Everyday as one the best trading robots. They are one of the highest-rated trading platforms on consumer feedback forums too.

They bank on the distributed ledger technology to create a transparent trading environment. Their platforms are powered by RSA encryption. Additionally, they are compliant with data privacy regulations. These regulations include the most comprehensive data privacy law in the world, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

While 10k Everyday may sound like a lucrative investment option, it is pretty secure. The folks at 10k Everyday value their user’s privacy and ensure safety on the platform. It is not a scam in any way. The trades are made after complex calculations by the trading robot.

Trading, however, is risky by its nature. 10k Everyday does everything in its capacity and is mostly successful in keeping losses at bay. Yet there is a possibility that you and up losing your investment. It is always recommended to do your due diligence before investing anywhere.

The trading robot only makes losses once in a blue moon. The profits almost always outnumber these losses. 10k Everyday is a legit and profitable automated trading system trusted by many globally.

Final Thoughts

10k Everyday is an automated trading software that allows even inexperienced traders to venture into trading. You don’t have to be a trading expert for utilizing their trading robot. The app generates close to 60% profits every day.

While the system always outnumbers its losses with its profitable trades, there is still a risk of losing your capital. You should trade only as much as you can stomach to lose. However, this is an inherent risk of trading, irrespective of the platform.

The 10k Everyday trading robot is highly profitable as well as trustworthy. Moreover, they work with extremely reputed brokers that are regulated by the FCA, ASIC, and SEC. It is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for investors.

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