The Path of Exile is a free-to-play, online action RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. This new expansion brings with it an increased level cap and powerful new character customization options. It’s also going to be a lot more difficult than previous versions thanks to a new difficulty system that scales up as you progress through the game.

The fastest way to level up in Path of Exile depends upon many factors, but it’s usually best to stay on your current budget tier until you are comfortable with endgame content or have made enough currency playing at your level where you can either upgrade quickly into better gear or invest in leveling up faster through maps and other items

In this article, we’ll explore some strategies for leveling up your character and getting around Wraeclast so you can take on these challenges!

Tips for leveling up your character in path to Exile:

-Use a character that you feel comfortable with and have fun with. Don’t get discouraged when you die. Just learn from your mistakes and start over again!

– Keep an eye out for low-level shrines – if they are close to the starting area, go kill them to receive shrine bonuses such as double items or exp gains which can help speed up leveling early.

– While playing through high difficulties such as Merciless and Maps, keep a lookout for unidentified equipment drops which will be white when hovering over their image on the ground. These items will give you random bonuses when picked up but only once per difficulty unless using Orbs of Fusing (unidentified rare) where all stats change upon fusing the item with another one.

-Take advantage of lower-level areas -If possible try doing areas that are suited for higher levels.-Get some quality gems as soon as possible! Having good early game support skills will make things much easier…

-Don’t be afraid to venture off the beaten path if something looks appealing, sometimes taking what seems like a detour could lead you down an interesting sidetrack filled with valuable treasure.

-Talking to other players is a great way to get some insight on what you should be doing next, but don’t rely too much on them for direction if they are of a lower level or in another league…

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– If there’s one tip I could give anyone trying out the leveling process it would have to be: use high-tier currency items whenever possible! The more expensive things are, the better the drop rate and the chance at good loot…

– Get a decent weapon like a jagged fossil before leaving cruel difficulty Act II since this is where you will be doing most of your damage.

– Always remember that Orbs are very useful when used well but also costly to acquire early game before farming becomes easier. It’s ideal to wait until level 60 or higher when orbs become plentiful enough not only from drops but also via the sale of certain uniques for other orbs.

Wrapping up, if you want to be a player you dreamed of then play every day and practice more.