For any business, the packaging is the most important aspect of a business. It can either make or break a business even if the product has no faults. However, if we talk about the cosmetic industry, the looks of packaging become even more important. This is because the cosmetic product claims to make you look flawless and beautiful. But, when it itself will not look pleasing to the eye then how it would convince you to do the same to you.

The skin is a sensitive part of the body and nobody wants to gamble with it. If the Cosmetic Boxes will not look dull, cheap, and weird, nobody will buy them. People will assume the quality of the product based on the surface. In addition, there are many brands that are well established and spend tons of money on their packaging. To compete with them you will have to make your product stand out in front of customers.

So, the question is, what are the 10 unique ways to make cosmetic boxes eye-catching?

Here are some of the ways:

The Top Priority Should Be Safety

Despite the extra emphasis on looks, the main job of the box is to make sure the products are safe inside. That is why any style or design that undermines safety should be discouraged. If the Soap boxes are delicate to make them seem attractive, the soap inside will crush during transportation.

Cosmetics are very fragile in nature. Therefore, apart from excessive pressure, they can be damaged due to heat and moisture. If the product reaches the customer deformed then chances are they will not buy again.

Choose colors wisely

According to different studies, different colors have different impacts on us. This means that you cannot go randomly and choose a color combination for your Cosmetic boxes. After selecting a color combination, you should stick to it. Rather than jumping from one to another.

In this way, your brand will have a signature color that would remind them of your product upon seeing. Here, you should give yourself creative liberty and come up with your own aesthetic. However, do not forget that the color you choose should align with the message of your product. It means that you should know when to choose a dark shining color or light dull color.

The Presentation Should Be on Point

When a person is browsing through different cosmetics, there is a very little window to catch their attention. In this regard, great work should be done on the presentation of the product that makes them stop. There should be creativity and subtleness that gives an urge to the customer that they want it. Therefore, attention to small details should be there that will make the buyer appreciate the creativity.

Here, Custom boxes with logos will get the work done. This is because a custom box will define your brand and what it stands for. At the same time, the logo will tell the purpose or background of the brand.

High-Quality Printing

This is where you have to decide whether you want to waste your efforts or not. As this is the point that will decide how your presentation and color combination will look.  That is why you should never take risks and compromise on quality. Always go for the latest technology like laser printing and get the digital printing done from a renowned place.

Make sure that printing is covering the whole box and there is no blurriness or any other issues.

Get the Appropriate Box Size

The size of the box also matters a lot when getting it to look best. Apart from that, it will also affect the product inside. For example, if the box is too small, the product will not have any cushion. Plus, the box will look all bloated and tight. Similarly, if the box is too big, the product will move and there will be chances of damage. In addition, unnecessarily large boxes will cost more and will need more printing.

However, if the large box is essential for the branding, there is a hack where extra paper or cardboard is inserted inside to fix the product inside. Although this practice is not encouraged as sometimes customers feel deceived.

Cardboard Should Be of High Quality

All the presentations can go in the drain if your packaging feels cheap in hand. This will have a negative effect on your brand and people will assume that you have low-quality products. In the case of Soap Boxes, all the weight is on the quality of the box because there is no way to try the product there. On the other hand, your printing will not be absorbed and displayed adequately by the cheap cardboard.

Some examples to choose from would be Kraft paperboard, white paperboard, metallized paperboard.

Tell Backstory of the Brand

The custom boxes with a logo should be like something that has depth in itself. When customers know the backstory, values, and mission of a brand, they tend to sympathize more. Here, they can even compromise on price and quality if they feel emotionally connected. Your packaging should have subtle messaging and symbols to which people can relate more.

For example, if you put on your box that this item is gender-neutral. In this way, you can make the product attractive to other than female customers.

Use Eco- Friendly Materials

Nowadays, people prefer values more than looks.  If your products are ecofriendly then you should mention that in your box. In this way, you will get customers who care about the environment and want to make a difference. If due to logistics and costs you cannot make your product ecofriendly, at least make packaging eco-friendly. There are many options available in the market. Some are even cheaper than traditional packaging materials.

Similarly, you can say that no animal is harmed or used in the production of your cosmetics. As a result, your product will be eye-pleasing to vegans if not anyone else.

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