Shredding documents is an essential part of protecting sensitive information and preventing identity theft. Choosing a good paper shredding service is crucial. Because your clients trust your business with their personal information, you should find a paper shredding service that they can trust, too. If you’re not sure what exactly to look for, here are a few checkpoints to keep in mind during your service for the ideal service:


You’ll want to make sure your shredding service offers insurance in case something goes wrong. These shredders will be handling important information, and if certain documents were to not be shredded or to end up in the wrong hands, it would be a huge issue for security. Some level of insurance against identity theft is important to ensure the protection of your clients.


Check the shredding service’s website for the AAA logo to ensure they’re properly certified by NAID and trained in handling and shredding confidential documents. If they’re certified, you’ll know they’re trustworthy– but make sure the logo is authentic.


Paper shredding can be great for the environment if the right steps are taken. In order to ensure your shredding service is environmentally friendly, check to confirm that they recycle all of the paper they shred. It’s also important to make sure their recycling process is extremely secure, as if it’s not done carefully it can put information at risk and lead to identity theft.


Security is the most important thing to look for in a paper shredding service. Make sure your vendor has the safest process possible. Documents should be protected at all times, at all stages of the process, from the time they leave your office to the time they’re destroyed. You should also ask about the hiring process and whether or not the company does background checks on prospective employees. It’s important to ensure that everyone handling the paper is trustworthy and properly trained.

Certificate of destruction

It’s extremely important for a shredding service to provide you with a certificate of destruction, which is meant to serve as verification that all of your documents have been properly shredded and disposed of.

Reputation and references

The best way to ensure a shredding vendor can provide the level of service you’re looking for is to check for references. A service that can provide references when you ask for them and has a good reputation is likely one you can trust, but if they have bad reviews or are unable to send you recommendations, you’ll probably want to steer clear.